The Texas Trilogy by Kat Martin

The Texas Trilogy is a brand new thrilling romantic suspense series by Kat Martin.  Just came out in June of 2017.  This series is based in Texas.

This series is about Carly Drake and Lincoln Cain.  She owns Drake Trucking.  

He's a mulit-millionaire that happens to be a rival firm, Texas American Transportation or Tex/Am Transport to Drake Trucking.

Book 1, Beyond Reason, is about Carly and Lincoln.

One of the books needs to be about Beau (Beaumond Reese).  He's Linc's best friend and business partner.  He lost his first wife to cancer.  He needs another happy ending.

Then there's Linc's brother Josh.  He needs his own story!!

So I'll guess we'll see who is in the next book.

Book 2, Beyond Danger, comes out in February 2018.

Beyond Danger

Beyond Danger by Kat MartinBook 2

It's exciting to see who will be in Book 3!


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