The Secret by Kat Martin

The Secret by Kat MartinBook 3

The Secret by Kat Martin is the 3rd book in the Paranormal Series 1.  But there is no connecting characters in this series.  

Kat Martin is a romantic suspense author.  So these books are her take on what paranormal romance would be about.

This series, as well as Paranormal Series 2 are excelent examples of good story writing!

This book is about Kate Rollins and Chance McLain.

Kate is an up-and-coming ad exec for a successful ad agency when she is a victim of a drive-by shooting.  While she may have survived the shooting, she has been completely changed her.

So this story is about near-death experiences and life after death.  Kat Martin does a good job of portraying this topic and weaving a well-written story around it.

So, the story goes...

Kate (Kaitlin) was walking back to her car after working late one evening when she was shot in the head.  Miraculously she survives but what she experienced while she was dead for 10 minutes changed her life.

For 10min Kate was dead.  During that time she says she saw her mother and others that she recognized.  She also saw her grandmother Nell.  And her grandmother gave her a message.

After she comes back, she makes the mistake of telling everyone about her experience and is hounded not only by well-wishers but also by tabloid magazines that want to do a feature on her.  

Between the notoriety of a near-death experience and the difficulties she is having with her son, Kate decides to take advantage of the surpised inheritance of a small restaurant left to her by her grandmother that she never knew.  

Kate heads to Montana, takes over the small restaurant and starts to settle in in her grandmother's old home.  Her son David isn't adjusting well.

Because of the near-death experience and what she feels her grandmother was telling her, Kate starts looking into her death.  

While she is learning the ropes of the running a restaurant, she meets a ton of interesting characters.

Among those is Chance.  He's a local rancher that takes a liking to Kate.  As their relationship develops, things heat up with the mining difficulties that are happening.

The story is interesting and intriguing.  There's lots to keep you captivated.  Definitely worth reading!

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