All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire 
by Kerrelyn Sparks

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn SparksBook 5

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire is the 5th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This book is a fun one about Ian MacPhie.  He's a vamp that was turned when he was 15 years old.  So he's been living in a teenager body for centuries.  

Thru the series, you learn of the genius abilities of Roman.  One drug that he invented was the Stay-Awake drug so he could help his wife in the first little bit after she had their son, Constantine (Tino).

They realized that when they took the drug it aged them one year for each day that they took it.

So at the end of book 3, Angus suggests that they give Ian the drug so then he can finally age.  In book 4, Ian goes to help guard Heather and her daughter when they were in Texas and took the drug.  

And while it caused him tremendous pain, it aged him.  He took it enough that he aged 12 years.

So this story begins after he's taken the drug and is now on a quest to find his own true love just like Jean-Luc, Angus and Roman.

And this is where all the fun begins.  

He signs up to a dating site and gets A TON  of phone calls from eligible females.

Then he goes onto DVN and is interviewed and becomes notoriously famous.  Okay, that went totally wrong.

Because he's determined that he must get together with a vampire, he's wracked with guilt over the feelings that he starts to develop about his new guard, Toni.

She became a guard in order to find some proof of their existance in order to prove her friend not insane.

So she has a hinden agenda and Ian can tell that she's up to something.

They both are intrigued by the other and they both have similar issues that they are both fighting.  So this ends up being a common ground that they can relate to each other about.

This also makes the storyline have a common thread in the plotline.  Each of the characters are fighting their feelings of inadequacies and as they are dealing with their issues, they are also fighting the attraction that they feel for each other.

That leads to there being sexy scenes that you need to be aware of.  And yes, there are details in them.

And of course, they end up together but not before some really funny things happen and then some really scary stuff happens.

And then the ending adds to the overall plotline.  You'll have to read that.

You also find out how some of the other characters are doing.  Shanna and Roman's little one, Constantine is a very intelligent and captivating child.  And he has skills.  He also helps others.

Then you see that the Malcontents are working in the background to amass an army to fight against the good vamps despite the fact that Toni defeats one of their commanders at the end of this book.

So this story, even though it's a bit cheesy at times, it's still an interesting story.  You fall in love with Ian!

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