Be Still My Vampire Heart
by Kerrelyn Sparks

Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn SparksBook 3

Be Still My Vampire Heart is the 3rd book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This book continues the background plot pretty closely with book 2!

But now it happens to be in Angus' perspective.

Angus MacKay is the owner of MacKay Security and Investigations, based in France.  He's the coven master for that area.

But he's also security for Roman at Romantech Industries when extra security is needed.

And he's been tasked with finding the vampire slayer that keeps attacking and killing vampires.

The vampire slayer happens to be one of the Stake-Out team.  This team are CIA operatives that are under Sean Whelan.  He's the mortal that is father to Shanna (book 1) and is determined to find her.

Emma Wallace may be small in stature but she's a warrior at heart.  And as the slayer, she's determined to avenge her parents' death.  Keep in mind that the CIA doesn't even know that she's the slayer.

And when Angus first sees her, he's smitten!  The kind of smitten that goes along with "be still my heart"!!!  Hence the name of the book!!

Emma doesn't know that there are two factions within the vampires.  So for the majority of the book, Angus tasks himself with teaching her and protecting her from the Malcontents.

And as they are spending time together, they fall for each other.

And of course, like any romance, they get themselves into some trouble that they have to fight their way out of and some of their insecurities come to light making the ending not sure!!

But it ends happily ever after, of course!

And along the way, there happens to be tons of things that happen.  First, Shanna and Roman have gotten married and are expecting their first.  And this little one happens to be really special.  Emma and Angus are his godparents.

Then, due Emma getting horribly injured, and the only way to save her is convert her to being a vampire.  Then she chooses to stay one as then she can do even more as a vampire.

The Malcontents are still turning humans into vampires but not all of them are evil.  And Angus convinces one, a newly turned black vampire, Phineas McKinney, to come to their side.  He ends up being a help and then he gets his own story in book 12, Wanted Undead or Alive.

The background story is moving along with Casimir wreaking havoc on the humans and the good vampires alike.  

Alot of the characters play a role in this story, so it's fun to see how they are doing.  

Another thing you find out as well is that Roman has invented a drug allowing them to stay awake during the day.  And because of this drug it ages them a year each day they take it. 

So Angus suggests that they give it to young Ian as he was turned when he was 15yrs.  He gets his story in book 5. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire!

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