Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire
by Kerrelyn Sparks

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire by Kerrelyn SparksBook 16

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire is the final book, book 16 in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is when Russell Ryan Hankelburg finally gets his story!

If you remember, he was the marine that was left in a vampire coma by Master Han for 40yrs when the good Vamps found him and completed the conversion.

Well for the last couple books, he's gone rogue looking for Master Han. And since he gets his own story and this is the last book in the series, he finally gets his man and he finds love!!

So it leads to a good story!

Now if you remember, the young dragon-shifter, Xiao Fang, was kidnapped in book 15, How to Seduce a Vampire.  Now they must rescue him as well.

This story brings Russell and Jia together because they both have a vengence to kill Master Han. 

Master Han had left Russell in a coma for 40yrs and he mutilated Jia's family so they couldn't reborn!

So they are on a mission and he reluctantly agrees to work with her.

And it's while they are working together to find Master Han, they realize and fight the attraction that they feel for each other.

They find Xiao Fang and get him back to Zoltan and Neona and Jia gets shot in the process.  This is when a chain of events happen, happen quickly.

They find out who Master Han is and that floors Russell like nothing else!  This is the surprise ending that you don't expect at all!  

They also give in to their feelings for each other and that leads to a sexy scene that has quite a few details to watch out for.  This also happens because Jia wakes into her second life and must mate.  And she wants it to be Russell.  They declare their feelings for each other and another scene comes.  Both scenes are detailed.

As this is the final book in the series, of course the worst happens and Jia gets kidnapped by the demon Darafer and taken to Hell.  

That brings in the Heavenly characters that help to defeat Darafer and make things right in the vampire world.

And of course Jia and Russell marry and everything ends happily ever after!!  Lots happen though, so you need to read it to know what all happens.

The story is a fun and entertaining story.  The whole series has been a joy to read.  

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