Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn SparksBook 9

Eat Prey Love is the 9th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is Carlos Panterra's story.

He's the were-panther that was best friends Lara in book 6.

This is also Caitlyn Whelan's story.  She's Shanna's sister (book 1).

Caitlyn got a birthday invitation from her sister to come to Constatine's birthday.  She didn't even know that her sister had a husband and children.

She had lost touch with her sister several years before.

And now that she's lost her job with the government, she is need of new direction.  

So this book is formatted a bit differently.  Shanna invites her to come to Romatech and then offers her a job.  Telling her that she wants her to have a choice as she's also offered a job with their father.

So Caitlyn is thrown into the world of the vampires completely, being told all sorts of information in the first couple of chapters.  

She also meets, has a smoldering kiss with Carlos, and is overwhelmed with the amount of information, a new way of life is presented to her.

Caitlyn also comes with some psychic skills of her own.  She can hear a dialect and pick up the language in a matter of hours.  She also just happens to be a mothering type, so when the were-children, that Carlos has adopted, needed someone, she was there.

She also is able to communicate with animals.

She also realizes that she's wildly attracted to Carlos and is determined to see how things pan out.

So the story is packed, all in the first several chapters.  

Carlos is set to head deep into the jungles of Thialand to try to find more of his kind and rescue them.  He's also determined to find a were-mate so that there's a mother for the young ones.

And Caitlyn worms her way onto this trip, which doesn't help with the attraction that they both are feeling.  And they do give into it, and so there's some scenes to watch out for.

But several things happen along the way that play a part in the background plot that's happening.

Caitlyn and Carlos are married in a small tribe by a wyly old cheiftan that sees that they are meant for each other.  Carlos makes a point to not bite her as it'll change her into a were-panther as well and she might die.  

They also find a hidden tribe of were-tigers that she's able to communicate with.  They are hidden deep in the jungles and are kept hidden from the outside world.

They find a cave, called the Temple of Death, that's holding bodies cased in clay.  And they discover that they are humans still in a vampire coma.  They awaken one, Russell Hankelburg, a major in the US Army.  He gets his own story in book 16, Crouching Tire, Forbidden Vampire!

They also get captured by a group that are trying to awaken Master Han.  He ends up being the villian in a few more books.

And a few more join their ranks of the good Vamps.

So you can see, that this book, this series is filled with entertainment and lots of action to keep you pinned to the page.  

Oh, this one does end happy but you'll have to read it to know what happens.

Connor finally gets his story in book 10, Vampire Mine.  Check it out.  It's fun to see how Connor finally succumbs to love as well!!

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