Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
by Kerrelyn Sparks

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks.Book 7

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire is the 7th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This book is where we really get to see that the shapeshifters are a part of the storyline and where Phil Jones has become an alpha wolf.

You will also find that this book gives us a lot more information about the background plot as a lot happens in this book.

But back to the main characters.

Phil Jones has been a guard for the Vamps since he was 19yrs when he was banished from his wolf pack.

And there was chemistry right from the beginning between him and Vanda Barkowski.  She's was one of the harem that lived in Roman's coven at the beginning of the series when he was a day-time guard.

When she went out on her own, she opened up a night club that catered to vampires.

He didn't stay as a guard but stayed working for Angus' security company and traveled the world working for Angus (you find him in several books between book 2 and this book).  But, in this book, he comes back to Romatech to help with the fight against Casimir.

As this book starts, you find that it's several years later and Phil is no longer a young pup that won't go after what he wants.  And what he wants is Vanda.

But because he becomes her guard again and he also signs up to be her sponser (when she's told she has to take anger management counselling) she becomes "forbidden" again, hence the name of the book!!

But he doesn't let that stop him this time.  He's determined that he's gonna help Vanda manager her anger and keep her safe while he's at it.

But she doesn't know that he's a werewolf and she has anger issues about what happened to her right after she was changed.

So it's Phil that helps her to be able to let the anger out and to talk about it so she can deal with it.  And during that, they get closer together. 

The story is filled with details about her past and what she has had to endure, along with him.  They find that they have a lot in common and that helps as they grow closer together.  They also have their own language that becomes a part of the story.

And as they are learning, others from the previous books come into the storyline.  

There's also lots that happen in the background plot.  

Because Phil's a guard and Vanda is on Casimir's hit list, he takes her to his property near his  original home.  So you meet Phil's sister, Brynley who's desperate to have Phil return to the pack.  But he doesn't want to even though, she causes Vanda to doubt herself.

That's when he finds out that his sister is the "mother" to a small group of boys that have been banished from the pack.  She calls them the Lost Boys. 

This little group ends up being accepted to the secret school that Roman and Shanna have started for their children so they can be free to be who they are and not have to worry about the abilities that some of them have.

Robby gets kidnapped and is tortured by Casimir and his minions during a battle with the Malcontents.

Casimir makes an appearance and they battle it out.  The good Vamps manage to kill a bunch of Malcontents making it impossible for him to succeed.  He goes into hiding again, but not before they find Robby.

They do find Robby, but he's filled with anger and hatred.  He gets his story in book 8, The Vampire and the Virgin.

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