How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) by Kerrelyn Sparks

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) by Kerrelyn SparksBook 15

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) is the 15th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This story is about Zoltan Czakvar and Neona.

This story, while is more about the main characters, is tied also into the background story that spans the whole series.

Zoltan is from Transilvania and has a dark past just like all of them.  And has a quest that he must finish.

And that quest leads him to mountains of Tibet in search of the owners of a certain arrow that killed his father.

What he finds is nothing short of extra-ordinary!

Neona and the warrior women with her, have been the guardians of the valley for centuries.  They must protect the valley and what's in the valley at all costs.

But Master Han is still amassing an army of supersoldiers and Lord Liao is doing what he can do get in Master Han's good favor.

And that's where the story connects.

What the warrior women are guarding is what Lord Liao wants.  He want to win favor with Master Han to show him is devotion.

It also helps that Zoltan wants answers as to who killed his father and who his mother was.

So I would call this a discovery type of story.

Not only is Zoltan discovering who he is and where he's come from, he also finds a woman that touches his heart like no other.

And lots of things happen in this story.

The warrior women who have guarded the Living Water and the Dragons that are there, must adapt to the changes that modern technology brings with it.

Zoltan finds out that he comes from one of the warrior women!!

The Vamps and the shapeshifters all come to aid Zoltan in the fight against Lord Liao so that brings them to Tiger Town in China.

This is a fun story about learning to adapt and to change to the changes that life will bring you!!

It's also learning to grow and become more than you were before.

The warrior women are absorbed into the Vamps community along with the dragon shifter children that they were guarding.

But this story doesn't end there.

Young Xiao Fang, one of the dragon-shifter children was kidnapped by Darafer in the final battle in the book.

So when we go to the final book, book 16, Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire, we will finally find out what happens.

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