The Love at Stake Series
by Kerrelyn Sparks

Author Kerrelyn Sparks writes paranormal romance in her funny, entertaining and sometimes serious book series, The Love at Stake Series.

She also writes under the pen name of Debbie Raliegh and writes regency romance and under Deborah Raliegh and writes "steamy historicals". 

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This book series is interesting, entertaining, and definitely fun to read.  It's about a group of people that are vampires.  These vampires create a community where they each find love and acceptance with mortals.  It's a fun series.

There are sexy scenes that do have details in them that you do need to be aware of.  You can skip them if needed because there are one or two that are a bit more cheesy than not.

Most of the stories go along the line of vampire meets girl, reeeeaaaalllllly likes her, but is plagued with doubts as to whether or not he, as a vampire can even have a relationship with a mortal.  

Each story is similar in plotline where both characters are plagued with doubts that make it difficult to connect.  But their issues are very similar and that's how each connect to the other.  

There are many of the characters that have paranormal abilities like teleportation or telepathic.  And at times that helps them to be better vampires.

This series starts out with Roman Draganesti and Shanna Whelan in book 1, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire!  He's the coven master for the East Coast Vamps.

Book 2, Vamps in the City, is about the harem that Roman no longer wanted in his coven.  They're sent to the city to live at Gregori's place.  Darcy, a member of the harem, and Austin connect when they try to find a new master!!

Book 2.5, A Very Vampy Christmas, is all about Maggie O'Brien and Don Orlando de Corazon.  This is part of the novella, Sugarplums and Scandal!

Book 3, Be Still My Vampire Heart, continues the storyline with Angus getting his story.  He's a warrior and when he sees Emma, he's smitten and must get to know her.

Book 4, The Undead Next Door, is about Jean-Luc Echarpe.  When he catches Heather Westfield stealing his designs, he knows his world is about to change.

Book 5, All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire, tells us Ian's story.  He's the really young vampire turned by Roman.  Because Roman invented the Stay-Awake drug to be able to stay awake, Ian takes it and it ages him.

Book 6, Secret Life of a Vampire, is about Jack and Lara.  If they can get past their trust issues, they just might be able to find a love that will hold them for forever.

Book 7, Forbidden Nights with a Vampire, is where Phil Jones finally decides that Vanda Barkowski is not going to get away this time, even if it's forbidden.

Book 8, The Vampire and the Virgin, is where Robby MacKay gets the help that he needs even though it's from someone that he least expected.

Book 9, Eat Prey Love, brings us Caitlyn Whelan's story.  She comes to realize that her father played a hand in keeping her and her sister, Shanna (book 1) away from each other.  

Book 10, Vampire Mine, is about Connor Buchanan and Marielle Quadriduum.  He's the one that supposed to protecting Roman and his family, but when he brings an angel of death into Romatech, things change!

Book 11, Sexiest Vampire Alive, is where Gregori finally gets his story.  He meets Abby Tucker when he goes to the White House to represent the vampires to the president of the United States!!

Book 12, Wanted: Undead or Alive! gives us Phineas McKinney's story.  He's had the hots for Brynley Jones ever since she came looking for her brother Phil!!  

Book 13, Wild About You,  is a fun story that takes us away from the Malcontents to enjoy the story about Elsa Bjornberg and Howard Barr and how they are fated to be together!!

Book 13.5, V is for VampWoman, is where we get to know Lady Pamela Smythe-Worthing and Mikhail Kirillor.  This one is part of the novella, Vampires Gone Wild!

Book 14, The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, is about Dougal Kincaid and the lovely doctor Leah Chin, whose there to help them find a way to save the superhumans!

Book 15, How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying), is about Zoltan Czakvar and his warrior woman, Neona and the dragon-shifter children!

Book 16, Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire, is about Russell and Jia.  He was the soldier that they found in a cave still in a vampire coma.  Jia is a were-tiger that is determined to kill the vampire that killed her family.

So the whole story line ends with Russell and Jia.  At the end, there is a nice ending to the series that Roman guides.  

Each story is interesting and well-written, with great characters.  I found this series to be a fun and easy book series to read.  And while there's a ton that happens within the storyline, it is not a complicated plotline that's difficult to understand.

Each book does stand on it's own, but when you read the whole series, you are able to understand the back story and how it's finally completed at the end.

Although I didn't expect the outcome that it was.  

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