Secret Life of a Vampire
by Kerrelyn Sparks

Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn SparksBook 6

Secret Life of a Vampire is the 6th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is where Jack gets his story.

Jack's real name is Giacomo de Venezia, but goes by Jack.  He's the legendary Giacomo Casanova's bastard son.  And he's expected to be a womanizer just like him. 

But he's not.

He's just a vampire that is the most romantic out of them all!!

He's also Italian and speaks with Italian phrases throughout the story.  So there's a bit of "romance" language that keeps the story going.

At the beginning of the story, Jack has thrown Ian a bachelor party and it's gotten out of hand.  The actual cops are called and that's when he meets Officer Lara Boucher.

Whenever the vampires need to keep their existance a secret, they alter any of the human's memories to what they need to.  Attemping to leave no trace that they were ever there.

But he can't with Lara.  She's immune to his mind control and is way too curious for what's happening with Jack.  She's also undeniably attracted to Jack.  And he with her.

And because she's immune to the mind control, she actually uncovers a case where a bunch of girls have been kidnapped.  And that's when Jack realizes that the bad guy is actually a Malcontent vampire that is preying on innocent men and women.

So Jack can do no other than help her with this case.  And while they are figuring things out and spending time together, they fall for each other.

Now they both have issues that come up in the story that they have to work through.  And their issues are very similar, in this case dealing with being able to trust others.

And in any good romance story, these issues are a chunk of the plotline.  So while that's a major part of the story, they eventually work through things especially because Lara first hand experiences what the Malcontents are like.

They do have their happily ever after, but not until after they realize that the one behind the kidnappings was actually Casimir, the leader of the Malcontents, whom they've been trying to find ever since book 2.

Now not everything is terrible in the story.

Other things happen too.  Like Shanna and Roman have a little girl.  They name her Sofia.  There are many couples that have finally found each other and happiness is hopeful for many.  Even though there are still some that are grouchy and grumpy!!

You find out that not only are there vampires, but there's more shapeshifters that have joined the ranks of the Undead.

One of them is Phil.  He's a werewolf and his pack is the Undead.  He gets his story in book 7, Forbidden Nights with a Vampire.

I will admit that this particular book was a fun one to read.  There was so much more "romance" in this one that it made it more enjoyable!!

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