The Undead Next Door
by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Undead Next Door is the 4th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is where Jean-Luc Echarpe gets his story.   Jean-Luc is a warrior who was turned by Roman to help in the fight against Malcontents.

But he's also a very successful clothing designer.  And due to the fact that he's not let his "son" inherit his millions, he has to go into hiding in order to let enough years to pass so that he can.

You see, when the vampire ages he has to "die" and then his "son" inherits.  But due to Jean-Luc being distracted working and building his empire, he never got around to it.

So at the beginning of this book, he's created a place for him to be in exile while he's waiting for time to pass.

So he opens a small town in Texas.  A store that will show off his wonderful very expensive clothes.

During the opening, he notices that there is someone stealing his designs.  He chooses to confronts her and that brings him out of the shadows.  And that's where his past comes back to haunt him, literally!

Jean-Luc is a warrior just like some of the others, and he's gained some enemies along the way.  And that enemy has found him again.

Jean-Luc calls him "Lui" and he's been tormenting Jean-Luc for centuries.  Now he's come to Texas because Jean-Luc made the mistake of coming out of hiding.

This not only brings her to the Lui's attention, but it also shows to Heather that Jean-Luc is different as well.

He offers her his protection.  And while reluctant at first, she does come to see that he's a good person inside and out.

But because he's a vampire, he's plagued with guilt about how she will react to knowing who and what he is.  But also because he brought her into such danger.

As he's protecting her, they get to know each other.  And we get to know each of these characters.  And they both have  similar issues that hound their spirits.  And they also come to some realizations.

She also makes a point to find out what exactly he's hiding.

In time, he comes clean with her and is completely honest.  And it's quite an adjustment for her to wrap her mind around vampires and their abilities.  

But because she came to love him when she thought he was mortal, and because she starts asking questions, she finds that he's the same person, just has a few abilities than before!

Oh, and the bad vampire that has been plaguing Jean-Luc for centuries gets defeated and they are free.  Free to get married and start their life together.

Okay, you need to know that several of their vampire and human friends come to help them offer security for Heather, her daughter and her live-in babysitter.  

Some of the humans happen to be more than just human as well.  Phil, who happens to have an excellent nose, can change into a large wolf.

And sadly, Pierre gets killed by Lui.

Ian MacPhie is one of them.  And he brings the drug that allows him to stay awake during the day, takes it.  And thru the course of the story, he ages 12 years.  So he goes from being a young looking kid to finally being an adult.  He gets his story in book 5, All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire. Don't forget to check this one out.

So you can see that a lot happens in this story!  It's a great read.

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