The Vampire and the Virgin
by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Vampire and the Virgin is the 8th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

Just like the title says, the book is about a vampire and a virgin.

The vampire is Robby MacKay.  He's the grandson of Angus and works for him at his security company.

The virgin is Olivia Sotiris.  She's and FBI psychologist who has a talent of being able to tell if you are lying.  Basically, a human lie detector.

If you remember back in book 7, Robby was kidnapped and tortured by Casimir and his minions, so he's been ordered to take some time off to recoup and to get past his anger and revenge.

He's been sent to the small island of Patmos where Shanna and Roman have a home that they've let any of the Vamps stay in when needed.

And it's on this island that he sees an angel, who happens to be Olivia.  She has come to the island to escape the horrible case that's been haunting her, literally.

As an FBI agent and as one that can tell if you're lying, she has the abilities to be able to help the FBI to ferret out if the criminals are holding back information or not.  This enables her to help without being in the line of fire.

But she has one criminal that's infatuated with her and he's taunting and haunting her.  Making her life a nightmare.

Robby was sent to the island to get better after the horrible things that he had endured at the hands of the Malcontents.  He's filled with anger and thoughts of revege despite the healing that he's done in body.

Carlos, good friends to Lara (book 6), a shapeshifter and has joined the ranks of the good guys, is also on the island to help guard Robby during the day.  It also helps that all of the other characters come to visit during his sojourn on the island.

Because she's a human lie detector, she's not had any real relationships with men as she can't take being lied to.  And that makes it that she's still a virgin for this story.

So both of the characters have issues about being lied to and betrayal.  Because he's a vampire, she can't "feel" him, so she has no idea if he's lying or not and that causes her to loose faith in herself to make decisions.

Because he was kidnapped, he can't handle the thought of betrayal and is suffering from basically PTSD.

As they get to know each other and work through some of their issues, the get closer and fall in love.  But because he can't be completely honest with her, he knows that she won't accept him for what he is.

And because she's an FBI agent, the battle with Casimir and the Malcontents cross paths with the FBI.  And the brings to light the things that he's been withholding from her.

So then she must go through a period adjustment to try to understand who and what he is, just like the other books in this series.

And of course, they do work through things.  And the live happily ever after!!!

The background story is more prevalent in this novel than in some others.  Casimir, the evil Malcontent leader, is amassing another army because the Vamps were able to hit him pretty hard in book 7.  And Robby wants to be the first one in line to deal with Casimir as he's the one that tortured him.

But in the end, Robby chooses to save Olivia and Casimir gets away.  But Olivia is able to kill the evil one that was taunting her as he had escaped and turned into an evil vampire.

I enjoyed this story.  It helped to see the how the whole series was moving along together and how the characters are growing and progressing.

Don't forget to read book 9, Eat Prey Love, as that's where Carlos gets his story!

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