Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks

Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn SparksBook 10

Vampire Mine is the 10th book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is Connor's story.

He's the one that has always grumbled when the others were falling in love with their chosen partners.  And now, in this story, we get to see why he's the way he is.

Connor Buchannan doesn't think he deserves love and that comes out as being grumpy every time one them falls in love.

But when he meets beautiful Marielle he knows that he just might believe in love after all!!!

He doesn't know that she's an angel until they takes her to Romatech to help her.  There they figure out that she's an angel of death and any mortal who touches her dies. 

And unfortunately, Shanna does touch her, wanting to help her and then Shanna has to be transformed into a vampire in order to save her life.

But Marielle can also sense when someone is dying.  So she agrees that she will help the vampires find and fight Casimir.

But she's not without issues.  

Even though she's an angel that has lived since the creation of the world, she is innocent in the human ways such as feelings and bodily functions and what it feels like to be in love and in lust.

And what she feels for Connor is overwhelming and powerful.

It also helps that he feels the same way!!!

The fact that she can actually touch him and him not die is a good thing too.

Connor agrees to guard and protect her while training her to fight.  But due to the fact that she's an angel, she has skills of her own.

And it's while they are spending time together, they both fall for the other.  So there are only a couple of sexy scenes that you need to be aware of.

They also fight the Malcontents quite a bit in this book.   Marielle and Connor work together to find those that are dying and being collected by the other angels.

At first, they vow to not give into their feelings, but as time passes and things happen, they realize that they would like to be together.

And then there's a show down with Casimir.

And Connor takes it upon himself to defeat Casimir once and for all.  Only, when he does Corky has a video of vampires that she's gonna reveal to the world.

And that leads us to book 11, Sexiest Vampire Alive!

So the story carries on with their world of the vampires becoming more and more known among the humans.

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