The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo
by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo is the 14th book in a 16-book book series, The Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This is the book where Dougal Kincaid finally gets his story!

If you remember, he lost his hand in the Battle of New Orleans, and by now he has a prosthetic hand that allows him to learn to fence with both hands as well as go back to work for Angus.

By this time the Vamps have found that Master Han has been  converting humans into superhumans with Darafer, the demon's help!

After they captured one and keeping on stasis, the Vamps know they need help to battle Master Han and his minions.

So they invite Dr. Leah Chin, a genesis.  They are hoping that she will be able to help them figure out how to change the superhuman back to a regular human.

At first, Leah is completely overwhelmed with the whole idea of vampires and were-shifters along with demons and his minions.  And Dougal can see the struggle that she's having.

There's also an instant attraction between Dougal and Leah.  And while they fight the attraction at first, in the end they give in and see where it leads.

As Dougal is security again, he's been assigned to protect Leah.  

Because this is  Dougal's story, you find out his background and what kinds of demons and issues he might have.

And one of them is the fact that he's always felt like he let his one true love down.  And when he meets Leah, he knows that she's the chance to redeem himself and earn a second chance.

Even though she doesn't adjust too well to the overwhelming amount of knowledge she's learned, she is fascinated by the chance to study a new genetic mutations that the superhumans present.

And of course a romance starts.  

You will find that there are several more characters added to the storyline that help the Vamps to succeed.  And the presence of a Heavenly Father makes the story take on a "there's a lot more going on in the background" type of feel to the story.

And then right near the end, things take a turn for the worse.  Dougal makes a decision for Leah that takes away her free will.  That's when some of the heavenly characters step in to help.

So the story does end happy, but not without some heartache first.

Kerrelyn Sparks does a good job with this story.  There's a lot of intrigue and excitement that this story adds to the background plot of the entire series.

And this story has lots about Master Han and his minions in China.

But because it's in China, it also has personal meaning to Dougal as he was sold as a slave back in his youth and lost his one true love long before he was converted to a vampire.

Now as he's going back, he has to deal with some of those issues, which is what some of the storyline is about.

So the story is definitely reading again.

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