Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks

Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn SparksBook 2

Vamps and the City is the 2nd book in the Love at Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks.

This book picks up right after book 1.

Because Roman found Shanna and she didn't like the harem that was hanging around, Roman sent the harem to live on their own.

To help in that transition, they all go to Gregori's house in the city.  From there, he helps them to find jobs that will enable them to support themselves.

This is where you meet Darcy Newhart.  While she's a part of the harem, she's not actually one of them.  She tried to help someone and found her life to be in peril.  Due to that she was converted to a vampire against her will.  And that's left a bad taste in her mouth.

You also meet more of the Stake-Out team led by Shanna's father, Sean Whelan.  Austin Erickson is one of the team.  He's asked to keep an eye on the DVN network to see what they are up to and what intel they can find out about them.  Sean wants to know where his daughter is.

As Austin gathers intel, he finds that things might not be all that they seem.  One of his tasks is to identify who is who and if they're vampire.

And that's when he sees Darcy.  And he's smitten.

So when he finds out that the DVN network needs some humans to be a part of their reality show, he signs up to be a contenstant.

Darcy is the new director of the reality show as she was a journalist in her previous life.  This is the only job that she can find due to her situation.

So the majority of the story is them getting to know each other while doing this reality show.  The reality show is similar to the Bachelor/Bachelorette concept with roses and elimination rounds.  I know, cheesy, right!!!!

I found that the book, while well written, was really cheesy! LOL!  

The ladies, that were a part of the harem, where trying to find a new master after Roman sent them on their own.  And it's during this reality show taping that they realize their own worth and find out that they don't need a new master.  They can be their own masters.

While all this is happening, Darcy and Austin (he uses the stage name of Adam) are getting to know each other.  And they fall for each other quite quickly.  Adam has telepathic and telekinesis abilities.  That made him the perfect candidate for Sean's Stake-Out team.

But it also gives him the ability to "hear" what others are thinking about.  And that kindof helps when it comes to Darcy's and Austin's growing  attraction.

Oh, you need to know that Austin went undercover into the reatily show.  So when Darcy finds out that he's actually a CIA agent and is working on the Stake-Out team, she's furious.

So throughout the whole story, Austin has been having second thoughts.  He's finding that there are good and bad vampires.  He's been killing indiscriminantly, and he shouldn't be.

In the end, when it gets to the point that Austin must make a choice, he finds that there really isn't a choice.  He still wants to fight evil, now he must find another way to do it.

He must also help Darcy, even if she doesn't see a way for them to be together.

When they were together, she told him that Roman was trying to find a way to reverse the vampirism and convert back to human.  But they need their original human blood to do it.  Austin finds the knife that she was stabbed with and gives it to Roman.  

That gives her the opportunity to be human again.  And then of course, they live happily ever after!!!

Okay, so the story is not a complicated storyline.  There are tons of characters that you get to know and Kerrelyn Sparks pulls you into the storyline to enjoy them.  I found the story to be enjoyable but cheesy!!

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