Author Krista Lynne Jensen

Krista Lynne Jensen is a romance author that writes tender and sweet romances that are completely clean.

She is also an LDS author, making her an LDS romance author!!

Her stories are well developed and interesting.  She only has a handful of books that's she's written.  And while you can find her books in Amazon, you can also find them on Deseretbook.com where a ton of LDS authors sell their books.

Here's the link to her blog.

While Amazon has a hard time classifying her books, I would call them contemporary romances or even Christian romances.  And yes, they're also LDS romances.

Follow the link on the book covers to see the book page for each book.

The Orchards Series aka no title to this series

In my research, I found that this series might be called The Orchards Series, but not all places agreed.  So I'm not going to be doing a series pages for these books.

And even though I've labeled these as book 1 and 2, only Goodreads agrees with that.

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