The Chaos Series by Kristen Ashley

The Chaos Series is closely related to the Dream Man Series!!  

Kristen Ashley is a talented contemporary romance author with a ton of books to her name.  Check out her Chaos Series page.

This is a 4 book series.  However, there is an anthology that fits between book 1 and book 2 called A Christmas to Remember.  According to her site, she is planning a 5th book for this series.  

The sensuality level is high for this series.  But the love scenes do overpower the story in some places.  They do go with it, even if there happens to be quite a few.  She doesn't go into details with every scene.

This series is about a group of men and women that are all a part of the Chaos Biker Club.  This series is a spin off series to her Dream Man Series.  

Book 1, Own the Wind, is about Tabitha Allen and Parker "Shy" Cage.

Book 1.5, A Christmas to Remember, isn't a full length novel.  It's a short story about Tabby and Shy and their first Christmas together.

Book 2, Fire Inside, is about Lanie Heron and Hop Kincaid.

Book 3, Ride Steady, is about Carissa (Carrie) Teodoro and Carson "Joker" Steele.

Book 4, Walk Through Fire, is about Millie Cross and Logan "High" Judd.

Fire Inside by Kristen AshleyBook 2
Walk Through Fire by Kristen AshleyBook 4

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