Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Own the Wind by Kristen AshleyBook 1

Own the Wind is the 1st book in the Chaos Series by Kristen Ashley.

While this may the be the 1st book in the Chaos series, it is not the beginning of the story.  You will find the main couple to be Tyra and Tack.  

They are the "parents" of the Chaos group.  But their story is in Motorcycle man in the Dream Man Series, also by Kristen Ashley.  You will find details about that series here.  The Chaos Series is a spin off of that other series.

So Own the Wind is about Tabitha Allen  and Parker "Shy" Cage.

Here's a few #bookdetails:

  • The "F" word is used a lot.  
  • The language of the story is very "biker-ish!"  The author uses short choppy sentences with many inuendoes that you have to pay attention to to understand.
  • This is the 1st book in this series.  Part of their story continues in A Christmas to Remember.
  • This a full length novel with no cliff hanger!
  • This book should be rated R.  Lots of sex details and several times.  Overpowers the plot line at times.
  • There is really no plot line to this story.  It focuses on Tabby and Shy missing each other for a few years.  Then after they finally get together, there is too much sex to have any other plot line.

Summary of the story:

  • Tabby is the only daughter of Tack Allen.  He has Tabby and Rush from his first marriage and Cutter and Rider with Tyra in Motorcycle Man.
  • Tabby grow up around the biker gang.
  • She understands the lifestyle and men.  But through this story, she goes from being a daughter to an "old lady".
  • She had a crush on Shy since she was a teen.  He makes a dick move and she is completely thrown.  She starts to become something she is not. 
  • She meets a new man, but he ends up in a accident and dies.
  • She keeps coming back to Shy.
  • Shy was a lady's man.  But really he was just waiting for Tabby to grow up.  Then he made his dick move and she is lost from him.
  • It's only after the death of her first man does she see that Shy is the only one for her.
  • For the first half of the story, they are like shadows in the night.  Not connecting.
  • After they finally get together, they have to convince her father (Tack), and everyone else, that they are legit.  
  • They come together many times in the story.  Starts to overpower the plot line.

While the author is a talented storyteller, I didn't like how there was nothing more to the story.

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