Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

Ride Steady by Kristen AshleyBook 3

Ride Steady is the 3rd book in the Chaos Series. There are currently 4 books in this series, but if you read on Kristen's site here, there's plans for a 5th book.

This is Carissa's and Joker's story.

Carissa has several other names.  She is called Carrie and Butterfly (very sweet) by Joker.  Aaron calls her Riss.

Joker's name is actually Carson Steele.

Keeping track of all the names is not easy!!

Carissa and Carson knew each other in high school.  She came from a loving home that was filled with tragedy.  He lived with an abusive father until he was old enough to leave.

She always had a crush on him.  He crushed on her too.

But he needed to get out before he completely broke.

So the story really starts several years later.  

Carissa has gone on with her life, gotten married and had a baby, Travis.  But her life was not all beds and roses.  She couldn't handle the cheating that Aaron was doing, nor the lies.  So she divorced Aaron.  Struggling as a single mom isn't easy, but she's making it work.

Carson has made something for himself and comes back to join the Chaos Biker Club where he's called Joker.

And it's a chance encounter, with a flat tire on the side of the road, that Carissa and Joker meet again.  He gets her car fixed and realizes that she's in a real bind.  Her ex is doing all he can to make her life miserable.

When Joker finds out how bad things really are, he does everything he can to help her.  

Graphic of a hand holding a butterfly.  Goes with Kristen Ashley's Ride Steady.  3rd book in the Chaos Series.  Has book quote on it:

If that means winning her heart, all the better.

Okay, the story itself is a very sweet, tender story.  It has well-developed characters.  Each character has at least 2 names, so you have to pay attention.

Joker doesn't tell her right off that he's Carson.  But she has several moments when she looks at him and know's there's something more.  But she can't quite figure it out.  It's only when he shaves and cuts his hair does she see that he's Carson Steele from high school.

He finally does come clean by shaving his face and cutting his hair.  Then she can see that he's Carson.  He was hurt that she didn't recognize him but they figure it out and decide that it's even better as she gets both of them!!

Fun Graphic from Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley.  Has a quote from main character Carrie.

Ride Steady is really a tender story about finding the love that you left behind.

I did enjoy the story.  I didn't enjoy the number of times the f-word was used. Even if it is part of this lifestyle.  The author did a good job in presenting the characters in this type of lifestyle with the jargon they used and the way they spoke to each other.

She does go into quite a bit of detail in her loves scenes.  But they don't overpower the story line.  

It was a good story.  One I'll read again.

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