Accidentally in Love by Laura Drewry

Accidentally in Love, book 3 in the Friends First SeriesBook 3 - 2019 Book Cover

Book Details

Accidentally in Love is the 3rd book in a 4-book series by Laura Drewry.

And just like the name of the book series, Friends First Series, this book is also about a couple that were friends first before they became lovers.

This one takes a by-the-book cop and a bad girl that avoids cops at all costs and brings them in close together in order to keep her safe.

This story is about Ellie Palmer and Brett Hale.  She's has a small boutique filled with all sorts of fun stuff and had moved to town after she testified against her ex and moved away.

There's no actual violence in the story, but they do deal with an ex that threatens Ellie's life.  She has a few scares that happen in the storyline.

The sexy scenes in this one are more detailed then in book 1 or 2.  And there's only with enough details to worry about.

The emotional intensity of this story is stronger in this story because of the fun dynamics that happen between Brett and Ellie.  Both are strong, wonderful characters that 

Book Summary

This story has a fun spin to it.  The cop and the bad girl.  And how they're forced together because of choices that they each make.

Even though she's an upstanding shop owner, she has a lead foot when it comes to driving and a competitive streak a mile wide.

And she's been bad mouthing off all cops since she was wrongfully convicted.  So she has huge trust issues.  

Accidentally in Love, book 3 in the Friends First Series by Laura Drewry2015 Book Cover

Throughout Jayne's and Regan's stories, Ellie was ticketed several times by Officer Brett Hale!  To the point that she looses her licence and is forced to take a driving course that just so happens to be taught by none other than Brett Hale.

Ellie comes with her own issues.  She has an ex that's stalking her.

So Brett's sergeant comes up with an elaborate plan.

Brett poses as Ellie's boyfriend in order to bring out her ex.

And she has to take a driver's course from him.  

Needless to say, they're put together for all sorts of scenes and enjoyable moments.  And it's during that time that they accidentally fall in love.  They didn't mean to.  They were bitter enemies at first.  They found that they actually liked spending time together and even come to love each other.

Now true to the theme of this whole series, Brett and Ellie becomes friends long before they fall for each other.  But the chemistry is there right from the beginning and the storyline flows with that chemistry.

As they spend time together "dating" and him helping her get her licence back, they both realize they kinda like the other!  Of course that takes time and they fight it the whole way, but in the end, they admit it and the story ends happily ever after!!

Okay, there's a lot more that happens. The characters are well developed and interesting.  And as we get to know Brett and Ellie's stories, we also see where Jayne and Nick as well as Carter and Regan are in theirs.


I enjoyed this story.  It was cute and fun.

The characters were endearing and loveable!!  I enjoyed the dynamics of all them.

This story had a fun spin on it with the good cop and the bad girl theme, but it's more of a girl coming to terms with her past and being free of it and the guy who saves her while solving some issues that she has!!!

Now I did find that there was some formatting issues where the author needed to be more distinct in where the scenes start and stop.  And because of that, you'd have to read pages over again to be able to make sure that you're talking about the same character.

But all in all, I really did enjoy this story.  It's entertaining and even captivating. The story is just long enough to keep you reading but not long enough to make you lose a night's sleep.  

And it does lead into the last story in this series, How Forever Feels, is when we finally get to know Maya and what she's had to deal with thru the whole series.

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