The Friends First Series by Laura Drewry

The Friends First Series by Laura Drewry is a contemporary romance series that has a modern feel to it.

This 4-book series covers the stories of 4 friends (Jayne, Regan, Ellie and Maya) as they discover that the men in their lives can actually become their lovers.

Yes, this series is a friends to lovers series.

You'll find that this series is actually available from Kindle Unlimited!!  

Each book is about these 4 friends that are a part of this group that meet up weekly to swap stories and share their lives.

First there's Jayne.  In Plain Jayne, book 1, Jayne actually gets out of the friend zone when her best friend Nick finally realizes that she's the one for him.

Book 2, Prima Donna, brings us Regan's story.  She's always thought Carter was hot.  So when they connect on a new level things heat up.  

Oh, he's also Nick's cousin.

Book 3, Accidentally in Love, is where Ellie finds love with some one new.

Book 4, How Forever Feels, is Maya's story.

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Prima Donna, book 2 in the Friends First SeriesBook 2
Accidentally in Love, book 3 in the Friends First SeriesBook 3
How Forever Feels, book 4 in the Friends First SeriesBook 4

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