Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry

Plain Jayne is the 1st book in the Friends First Series by Laura Drewry. There're 4 books in this series.

While this particular series is contemporary, this author dabbles in western and historical romances as well.

She has a couple of romance books series to her name to enjoy!

This book is a full length story with about 370 pages.  This particular series happens to be available thru Kindle Unlimited too!

Plain Jayne, book 1 in the Friends 
First Series by Laura DrewryBook 1 - 2019 Book Cover

Book Details

This whole series, including the name, is about couples that are friends first, hence the friends to lovers trope.

You'll also find that there're not that much sexy details in the book.  There's a ton of kissing and a little touching, but the majority of the sexual content is behind closed doors!  

This book, and the whole series, is about a group of friends that find love in the men that they're friends with.

This story is based in modern times and is a modern trope storyline, so there's no violence to worry about.

This book was an ebook publication, originally published in 2014 and reissued in 2019 with a new cover.

There's no cliff-hanger in this story.  And while some story details carry forward into the next book, this story about Jayne and Nick does end HEA!!

Please note that there're quotes at the beginning of each chapter that come from fun and amazing 80's movies.  They add a fun dimension to the storyline as the author as made it that they added to each chapter.

The storyline is mixed up of Jayne discovering aspects of hers and her grandmother's relationship, Jayne getting to know some new girlfriends in town, and her finally admitting to herself that she's in love with Nick too.

Please note that the friend group consists of Jayne, Maya, Regan and Ellie meeting each week to swap stories and get to know each other.  And these are the characters of each of the 4-book series.

Book Summary

This is Nick Scott's and Jayne Morgan's story.

They've been best friends since kindergarten and she's been in the friend zone for that long. 

Now 12yrs after she left town, after Nick's life has been turned upside down and Jayne's grandmother has passed, she moves back to take over the bookstore.

2014 Book Cover for Plain Jayne2014 Book Cover

She's only come back because she loved the bookstore that was left to her by her grandmother.  She didn't think her grandmother cared to leave her anything, not after she basically kicked her out at 18yrs old.

She's kept in contact with Nick even though he'd gotten married and sadly lost his wife as well. 

Now, 12yrs later, she's come back to open up the bookstore.  She's determined to make something for herself.

So you'll find that not only is this a contemporary story, it's also a rediscovering type of story as well.  Jayne goes thru her own transformation in the story.

And while she changes, it's Nick that gets his head out of his butt and comes to realize what's been in front of him the whole time.

You see, while they've been best friends forever, he treats her like more than a friend.  He loves her but doesn't realize that he's in love with her until the very end of the story.

And yes the story does end happily!!


I found this story to be a cute friends to lovers story!

Okay, it's also a bit cheesy.  Nick doesn't realize that he's in love with Jayne and has been for a long time till right at the end.  And then when he finally realizes, he takes his time to say anything which causes problems.

Jayne has her own issues to deal with too.  

Both Nick and Jayne's characters are funny and interesting.  Laura Drewry adds wit and humor to her characters.  And she does a pretty good job of it.

The story is compelling and keeps you entertained.  It's not a long story making it an easy read to get thru in a short time.

You'll find that the next story, Prima Donna, follows not too long after this story.  Prima Donna is where we get to know Regan's story.

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