Prima Donna by Laura Drewry

Prima Donna is the 2nd book in the Friends First Series by Laura Drewry.

This book also follows the same friends to lovers theme and storyline, although this one has a bit of a spin on it.  Which is enjoyable!!

This story carries the whole cast of characters with Regan Burke and Carter Scott as the main characters.

And as you get to know Regan and Carter, we get to see a bit of how Jayne and Nick are doing from the first book.  We get to know the other characters as well.

Prima Donna, book 2 in the Friends First Series!Book 1 - 2019 Book Cover

Book Details

We first meet Carter in book one, when we find out that he's Nick's cousin.  And he's a doctor, a very successful and liked one.

Regan is one of the group (Jayne, Regan, Maya and Ellie) that get together each week as they continue to get to know each other.

And she's called a prima donna because a few characters find that she's a little offish and reserved.  But what she actually has is bone deep hurts and issues that come from her childhood.  And she's still dealing with them.  And she doesn't like sharing with just anybody.

So these issues come up in the storyline making it an interesting and compelling story.

There's no violence nor much swearing as this is the type of story that doesn't have it.

As this is a contemporary romance, it's based in modern times with all the amenities.

This story is a full length novel with over 350 pages.  I found it as an ebook thru Kindle Unlimited.

While there was a sexy scene or two, there's not much detail to worry about.

Book Summary

2014 Book Cover for Prima Donna2014 Book Cover

This story is about both Carter and Regan coming to terms with their pasts and liking who they are now.

Both characters has some major issues that have shaped who they are currently.  And both have to open up and trust the other to move forward.

While the story is mostly about Regan, Carter's issues do come up and as they get to know each other, they both have to evolve to something more.

Regan's life takes a complete turn when she looses the salon that she's been in for years.  She's owned and ran her own place, cutting and styling hair for endearing clients.  

And this leaves a huge hole in her employment and the money coming in.  

You see, her mother's in a care home and Regan has been the one making sure that she got the care she needed.  Even if she treats her like crap and has no idea the things that Regan is doing for her.

Carter has his issues too.  He's unable to show anyone past his cocky, gorgeous exterior to see the mushy insides that only a select few get to see.

But when he worms his way into Regan's life, barreling past her defenses and forcing her to open up, he decides that he needs to open up to her too.

So this takes their relationship to a whole new level.

At first they were lovers, for a minute.  And when that would've been inappropriate when she worked with him, they became actual friends that come to rely upon each other.

They eventually fall for each other and even declare to each other how they feel.  Of course, it's right near the end of the story.

This story leads us right into book 3, Accidentally in Love, where we find out what's happening with Ellie.


I did enjoy this story.  I found that the dynamics between these two characters was endearing and interesting.

We fall in love with not only Carter's character but also Regan's.  Both characters are well developed and evolve so interestingly.

Would it be a book that I read again and again, I'm not sure of that.  But I did enjoy reading the story and learning about these characters.

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