Bonded by Laura Wright

Bonded by Laura WrightBook 4

Bonded is the 4th and final book in the Cavanaugh Brothers Series by Laura Wright.

If you've been reading the whole series, you'll know that the only one needing their story is Blue!!!

Blue is the bastard son of Everett Cavanaugh.  Father to Deacon, James and Cole.

Noone finds out about him until Everett's will is read after his funeral.

It's a surprise to everyone but mostly to Blue.

Finding out that his mother lied to him his whole life has turned his life upside down.  All through book 1, book 2 and book 3, you see Blue having a tough time dealing with all that has been happening.

When he found out, he not only separated himself from Deacon, James and Cole, he also walked away from Mac.  She had been his best friend.

She gets mad at him and makes him come back for her wedding but he's still having a hard time dealing.

He even thought that he had found someone online.  But that get's squashed too.  So he's left floundering.

And it's at Bull's Eye that he gets completely drunk.  That's where he meets and has a late night encounter with Emily Shriver.  And that encounter leaves them with a "bean" to take care of.  And yes, there are sex scenes that are way too detailed despite the budding relationship between Blue and Emily.

So the majority of the story is both of them coming to terms that there is a baby to take care of.  Blue is floored makes a lot of blunders along the way.

The story is kinda sweet and tender.  Blue does get his act together and comes up with plans to make a life with Emily.

But that's not before the killer makes a play for Emily and lures her to her death.  And of course, Blue gets there in time to save the day.  And they live happily ever after.

They do find Cass's killer.  So that's a good thing.  But there isn't any of the details as to why the killer took Cass in the first place.  It just sort of ended. The killer admitted to Emily that she was the one to take Cass from the theatre but not why or what for.

The author did show how Blue was willing to change.  So the story does end happy and the problem is solved and Cass is able to rest in peace.  But I would've liked more details about it.

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