Branded by Laura Wright

Branded by Laura WrightBook 1

Branded is the 1st book in the Cavanaugh Brothers Series by Laura Wright.

This series is about the Cavanaugh brothers.  There's Deacon, James, Cole and Blue.  Each has their own story!

But there is a background story about the death of their sister, Cass, that is happening throughout the whole series.

As the story begins, you find that their father has just passed and Deacon is going home to the Triple C to be at his funeral.

But he doesn't want to.  He doesn't want to have anything to do with the Triple C.  All the Triple C is bad memories and pain.

As a wealthy and successful businessman, Deacon has the power and audacity to destroy the Triple C.

But when he sees Mackenzie Byrd again, he somehow forgets that pain and agony.

This story is about how Deacon and Mac mend the fences that have been broken for many years.

And it's about how Deacon comes to terms with the abuse that he endured at the hand of his mother.  Even to the point that she branded him with their ranch's branding iron.  That is why this book is called Branded.

He was left branded by what his mother did.  And by what his father didn't do.

But Mac doesn't know any of that.  

As Cass's best friend, she's been in the Cavanaugh family for a long time.

Now as the ranch Foreman, she is the fury behind trying to save the ranch from the destructive force that Deacon is.

So it's a battle of wills for majority of the story.

Each has to come to terms with things within themselves that do work and make compromises for those things that don't work.

The author builds great characters.  You can't help but fall for Deacon as you get to know him and all that he endured.


While this series is classified as a western romance, it has explicit sex scenes in it!!  You can flip pages to avoid it, like me, and not miss out on the storyline.

This story is about each of the characters as well.  James is a horse whisperer!!  Cole is a UFC champion.  And they find out about Blue during the reading of the will.  He's Mac's right hand man at the Triple C.

The author weaves each character enough that you feel like you know them and that you want to get to know them better by reading their story.

So don't forget to check out James', Cole's and Blue's stories!

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