Broken by Laura Wright

Broken by Laura WrightBook 2

Broken is the 2nd book in the Cavanaugh Brothers Series by Laura Wright.

If you've been reading this series, you know it's about the Cavanaugh brothers including the one that they didn't know about.

There's Deacon, James, Cole and Blue!

This is James' story.

As a successful businessman, Deacon has is own assistants.  And it's his assistant, Sheridan O'Neil that comes to River Black to help him with the contruction of his own ranch nearby.

James has come back to the Triple C for the funeral.  But it's a herd of mustangs that keep him there.  James has made his fortune being a horse whisperer!  

And while he's there, he saves Sheridan.

And when he meets her, he's enchanted.

Almost enough to heal his broken heart.

You see, when their sister was taken, his mother blamed the boys for her disappearance and subsequent death.  

And that is where his heart, his soul, his body had been broken.  By the one person who should have loved him the most.

So he comes with a ton of baggage!!  

Sheridan is an efficent assistant for Deacon.  But when she meets James, she is completely ruffled.

So the majority of this story is about James and Sheridan getting to know each other.  

And coming to terms with their individual issues.

And true to romance stories having a HEA, he finally realizes what she means to him and makes a wonderful gesture to win her back.

Once again you get to know each of the brothers in this story.  Well, Blue has taken off due to the situation he's so he's not much in this book.

And there are explicit sex scenes again as well.  I could do adequate flipping and not miss the plot line still to understand!

In this story, there isn't much about the sister or her murder.  Even though it's mentioned in passing.  Enough to compell you to find and read book 3 and book 4.

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