Author Laura Wright

Author Laura Wright is a romance author that writes western, paranormal, new adult and contemporary romance.  Wow!!  That's diverse!

According to her website, she has a ton of books.

She's a talented storyteller.  She makes the storyline compelling and enjoyable.  The characters are well developed and lovable.  You can't help but learn to love each of the heros and the heroines.

She does have explicit sex scenes in her stories.  So if you can handle missing some of the storyline because you flipped pages, like me, you might enjoy this series.  

The Cavanaugh Brothers

The Cavanaugh Brothers Series is a modern western romance about the three Cavanaugh brothers.

AND a brother they didn't know about!

This series is about how Deacon, James, and Cole deal with the death of their sister, Cass.  But they also have to deal with a new brother they didn't know about.  Blue had been living and working at the Triple C after the boys left.

So while each story is separate, there is a background story that is happening throughout the whole series.  This story is about the kidnapping and subsequent murder of their sister, Cassandra.

And it's also about how each brother deals with the treatment received at the hands of their mother.  Each boy was brutally abused by their mother after Cass had been kidnapped and murdered.  And their father stood by and did nothing.

Understandably, each boy has a lot of issues to deal with.  And that makes for an exciting book series.

So when book 1, Branded, starts, you meet Deacon that will stop at nothing to destroy the Triple C.  That is unless Mac gets in the way!!

When book 2, Broken, begins, you see how James needs help to break down the emotional walls that he's built around his heart.  And it's only with the help of sophisticated Sheridan that he's finally able to.

Book 3, Brash, brings us Cole.  He is twins with Cass and the one that blames himself the most for not watching out for his sister.  But it's with the help that Grace gives that they are closer to finding clues to what happened to her.

And finally, but certainly not last, is about Blue!  Book 4, Bonded, brings us Blue's story.  He grew up thinking one thing and has to adjust to another just to breathe!  And it's with the help of Emily that he's finally able to.

Each book is about the romance and connection between each couple.  You meet and get to know each character throughout the entire series.  But you also get to see what happens to the characters as each story progresses.

The story is in 3rd person in each story.  You see each character's point of view and how they deal with things.

The town where the Triple C is located is called River Black!  Interesting name.

This author has explicit sex scenes in each of the books.  With brash language during those scenes.  For those of us that flip pages, you might not enjoy it.

The storyline is interesting and captivating.  Needing to know what happened to the sister is a draw to read each novel and you feel compelled to continue.  That makes the author a talented storyteller!!  I could've done with less sex scenes though.

What makes it compelling as well is that they author has added diary entries written by Cassandra Cavanaugh throughout each book.  So you know that they find the journal and that it shines a light on who might've killed her.

And the killer is not who you'd think!!  Read to find out.

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