Author Leslie Jones

I love it when I find a new-to-me author.  Author Leslie Jones is a great new find. 

She specializing in military romances filled with men and women doing extra-ordinary feats in the name of love.  Men that are heroes and women that are just as strong and can stand beside the men!!  Love this type of romance!!

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Duty & Honor Series

Author Leslie Jones writes compelling characters and fascinating plot lines that keep you on the edge of your toes until the very end.  Her character development helps you to enjoy the main characters. 

Her love scene is a bit detailed but then not too detailed.  It is short but sweet.  It's nice to see an author have a scene that is part of the story line and not the only part!

Night Hush

Leslie Jones' Night HushNight Hush

Book 1 is about Heather and Jace.


Leslie Jones' BaitBait

Book 2 is about Christina and Gabriel.

When I have read these two, I will do a proper connection for them!!

Deep Cover

Leslie Jones' Deep CoverDeep Cover

Book 3, Deep Cover, brings us Shelby and Trevor's story.

She is a political analyst.  He is British SAS soldier, deep undercover for MI-5.  When she sees him with the anarchist group responsible for several bombings, she knows something is up.  He would never be a traitor.  He may have broken her heart but she knows that he would not "be" what she is seeing.  To protect him and her, she keeps quiet until she is able to confirm her suspicions. 

What happens after is a roller coaster of a ride with them trying to foil the bad guys as well as staying alive and not in jail. 

What I liked the most was the character Lark.  She's this colorful, flamboyant friend that helps Shelby and Trevor figure out how to bring the bad guy down!!  I hope she gets her own story!!!!

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