Author Linda Howard

Linda Howard is a master at writing intriguing, suspenseful romantic drama.  Her books keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  Her plot lines are entertaining and filled with intense emotions.  My favorite series is the Mackenzie Family Saga.  

I would call her books spine-tingling suspenseful, stay up late till you get the book finished, type of books.  They are not light and fluffy.  These books are not a simple read.  The plot lines are complicated enough that you need to pay attention to catch all the details.  

The sensuality content is deep and intense.  If you don't like reading details in the love scenes than her books aren't for you.  I found that she not crude in her love scenes which makes the scenes endearing and emotional and romantic.

Mackenzie Family Saga

The Mackenzies are a family that full of amazing characters that become real to you.  You cry with them, you rejoice with them, and you are happy with them.

The Mackenzie Family Saga is full of dynamic characters that stay with you long after you finish the story.  I enjoyed this series very much.  It was nice to see how each character had grown and what had happened to the first characters.  Linda Howard gave Wolf and Mary more children than the number of books she wrote, but she still includes what happened with each of them including Wolf and Mary.

The sensuality content is high.  Linda Howard does go into detail but is not crude in her presentation of the love scenes.  The love scenes are a part of the story, not the main part of the story.  She has made them fit nicely into the plot.

Mackenzie's Mountain

Linda Howard's Mackenzie's MountainMackenzie's Mountain

Book 1, Mackenzie's Mountain, is about Wolf and Mary.  

Mary comes to town to be the local school teacher.  When she meets Joe, she is completely taken by him.  When she goes to his home to meet his father to ask to help tutor him, she is completely 

but sees in Wolf's son Joe potential.  She becomes his advocate to get him the proper schooling to graduate.  During this process, Mary and Wolf fall for each other.

Mackenzie's Mission

Linda Howard's Mackenzie's MissionMackenzie's Mission

In book 2, Mackenzie's Mission, has Joe all grown up and flying the jets that he has always dreamed about.  There he meets Caroline Evans who is a weapons expert to his fighter pilot.  This story is entertaining and definitely kept me on my toes.  

Books 3, 4, and 5 are some of Wolf's and Mary's other children.

Mackenzie's Pleasure

Linda Howard's Mackenzie's Pleasure

Mackenzie's Magic

Linda Howard's Mackenzie's Magic

A Game of Chance

Linda Howard's A Game of Chance

Stand alone books by Linda Howard

Linda Howard has a ton of stand-alone romance books that are amazing.  To be able to come up with such diverse plot lines is outstanding.  Makes me wonder about the author, herself, what part of her goes into these stories.

Take a look at her website for her full list.  Here are some that I have read and enjoyed.

Linda Howard's PreyPrey
Linda Howard's ExposureExposure
Linda Howard's IceIce
Linda Howard's EscapeEscape

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