Author Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael Miller is an amazing romance author who weaves a western theme throughout most of her books.  Her stories are full of good looking cowboys with wrangler boots, cowboy hats and gorgeous horses fighting for the women that they love.

I have read a number of her books.  Now I just have to organize all of them for you.  

Her love scenes are medium to mild in detail and a part of the story.  The scenes do not over power the plot line.

Check out her site here.  She has a really well organized site and has a page that lists all her books according to series.

The McKettricks

I have listed the series as apposed to putting the pictures in this time.  I will add the pics when I have been able to read them.  

But I wanted to put them here to show you that she writes several trilogy s that fit within the series.

Books 1, 2, and 3 are a trilogy.  

Books 7, 8, and 9 are another.  

Books 11, 12, and 13 are yet another.  

This is the one that I have currently read.  They are listed below.

Book 1:  High Country Bride

Book 2:  Shotgun Bride

Book 3:  Secondhand Bride

Book 4:  McKettrick's Choice

Book 5:  Sierra's Homecoming

Book 6:  McKettrick's Luck

Book 7:  McKettrick's Pride

Book 8:  McKettrick's Heart

Book 9:  The McKettrick Way

Book 10:  A McKettrick Christmas

Book 11:  McKettricks of Texas: Tate

Book 12:  McKettricks of Texas: Garrett

Book 13:  McKettricks of Texas:  Austin

Book 14:  The McKettrick Legend

Book 15:  A Lawman's Christmas

The McKettricks of Texas


These three books are a trilogy within the McKettricks of Texas book series.  

This book series is about 3 brothers, and 3 sisters and the Silver Spur that they have grown up on.  

Tate, Garrett, and Austin are the handsome McKettrick boys.  They lost their parents right on the cusp of adulthood, leaving the boys stranded and lost.  

Libby, Julie and Paige are the Remington girls born the local school teacher.  

Book 1 is about Tate and Libby.  Book 2 is about Garrett and Julie.  Book 3 is about Austin and Paige.  Each book is sweet in the cowboy way of how they fight for their ranch and the ones that live with them.  But especially how each grows up and realizes the love of their lives is right there and how they come together.

There is a back story of a group of rustlers out to get the McKettrick boys that spans through the book series.  In the end, they find out who is after them, but this background plot plays a small part in the larger plot of their love stories.

The Montana Creeds

Book 1

Don't know

Book 2

Don't know

Book 3

Montana Creeds: Tyler

Book 4

A Creed Country Christmas

Book 5

A Creed in Stone Creek

Book 6

Creed's Honor

Book 7

The Creed Legacy

Book 8

Montana Creeds: Dylan

Book 9

Montana Creeds: Logan

What I found with this particular series is one of the biggest reason why I decided to create this site.  

When you look at the author's site, you find the list of her books.  But the book list is wrong.  Why, I don't know.  I could think up a dozen reasons but when you actually read the books, you find where they fit in the series and how they fit.

Montana Creeds: Logan, Dylan, and Tyler are a trilogy within the series.  They follow closely after each in the order that I have listed them.

The stories are about 3 brothers that have had a huge falling out after their father's funeral.  They go their separate ways.

Now, years later, they each come back the the ranch one at a time (hence the trilogy) to mend some fences, literally and figuratively, and settle some demons and lay to rest some major issues between each other.

Obviously they do and they discover some other things as well.  It's a sweet story line.  I liked it.

According to Linda Lael Miller's site, the order to this series goes like this:

Book 3:  Montana Creeds: Tyler

Book 4:  A Creed Country Christmas

Book 5:  A Creed in Stone Creek

Book 6:  Creed's Honor

Book 7:  The Creed Legacy

Book 8:  Montana Creeds:  Dylan

Book 9:  Montana Creeds:  Logan

Montana Creeds:  Logan, is all about Logan.  He is the eldest of 3 boys.  His brothers are Dylan and Tyler.  Logan decides that it is time to move back home to the Creed place in Stony Creek, Montana.  

There, renting from his brother, is Briana Grant.  She is strong, spirited and two just as stubborn boys.  It's a story about forgiving your fathers and being able to move on.

Montana Creeds: Dylan, is Dylan's story.  He comes home to find that his love, Kristy, is still there running the local library.  

Montana Creeds: Tyler, tells Tyler's story.  He is the one who has the most demons, or so he thinks.  A girl from his youth comes home to tend her father.  Lily Kenyon has loved Tyler since she was a teen.  Their attraction is explosive from the beginning.  It's interesting and entertaining.

What I like is the author put a "A year later..."  at the end of Tyler's story.  You then can have a final closing to their story.

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