The Fairytale Romances
by Linda Winstead Jones

The Fairytale Romances by Linda Winstead Jones are fun spins on the classic fairytales that we all love and enjoy.

Each story is classifed as contemporary romance and fairytale romance.  So you get a fun mix of the beloved fairytales while enjoying a fun and easy romance.

Each story can be read on its own and is a fun take on a different fairytale.  I will let you know how they are connected when I have found another in this series.

Book 1, Into the Woods, is following the ... and is about ....

Book 2, DeButy and the Beast, is about...

Book 3, Someone's Been Sleeping in My Bed, is about Maddalyn Kelly and Eric Barrett.  This one is spin off of Goldilocks and the three bears.

Book 4, Big Bad Wolf, is about....

Book 5, Let Me Come In, is about....

Book 6, Cinderfella, is a spin off of Cinderella!  This one is about...

Book 7, One Day My Prince, is about.....

Into the Woods

Into the Woods by Linda Winstead JonesBook 1

DeButy and the Beast

DeButy and the Beast by Linda Winstead JonesBook 2

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf by Linda Winstead JonesBook 4

Let Me Come In

Let Me Come In by Linda Winstead JonesBook 5


Cinderfella by Linda Winstead JonesBook 6

One Day My Prince

One Day My Prince by Linda Winstead JonesBook 7