Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed
by Linda Winstead Jones

Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed by Linda Winstead JonesBook 3 - 2017 Book Cover

Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed is the 3rd book in the Fairytale Romances by Linda Winstead Jones.

This book was originally released in 1996 under her pen name of Linda Jones.  Take a look at the original book cover below!!

This author reissued this fairytale romance with this new book cover in December 2017.

This is a modern retelling of the classic fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears.

Maddalyn is the victim of a stage robbery and manages to escape into the wilderness.  She comes upon a small house and sees three men coming out of the house.

Original book cover for Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed by Linda Winstead Jones1996 Book Cover

Instead of asking for help, she waits til they leave and breaks in to find food.

And following the fairytale, she tries their porridge and tries out their chairs and ends up sleeping in their beds. 

And she gets caught in one of their beds.

At first, she flees, but then one of them comes to her and helps her last the night.

Then she's invited into their home and offered refuge until the storm passes.  She offers to help with cooking and mending while they are at work. 

Two of the brothers are excited to have her there.  One of them is a bit reluctant.

What follows is a cute but cheezy story where Maddalyn gets to know the brothers.

Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed by Linda Winstead Jones2014 Book Cover

She falls for Eric despite his grumpiness and moodiness.  And she makes it her personal mission to get the other two, Karl and Conrad married.

While she's successful in finding wives for Karl and Conrad, Eric still lets his fears get the better of him until the very end.  And it's only after the original robbers come back for Maddalyn that he finally finds the courage to tell her how he feels.

I did enjoy the story, but found it to be kinda cheesy and a bit unrealistic.  It was a fun and entertaining story, a simple and easy read.

There are several sexy scenes that you need to be aware of that do have details.  I found that the scenes didn't fit with the time period.

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