Author Lisa Hendrix

Lisa Hendrix is a paranormal historical romance writer.  She only has this one series available.  Her books are intriguing and captivating.  

While her love scenes fit with the storyline, they are quite detailed.  

She does an outstanding job with the character descriptions and the historical setting of each book.

The Immortal Brotherhood

Lisa Hendrix has started a marvelous series called The Immortal Brotherhood.  It is based in times past but not at the same time.  Each story follows the one before but is decades and sometimes centuries apart.  

It is about this Viking crew that was cursed by Cwen, a evil sorceress.  There were 9 men in the crew and each was cursed with the ability to transform into their fylgjur, their guardian spirit, every dawn and every dusk.  

Ivar transforms in an eagle, Steinarr into a lion, Gunnar into a bull, Torvald into white stallion.  Then there is Ari who transforms into a raven by day.  And Brand turns into a vicious bear.  Jafri into a wolf.  There is also a hart and a dog.  

Book 1, Immortal Warrior, is about Ivar.  Book 2 is about Steinarr.  Book 3 is about Gunnar.  I can't find book 4 in hard copy.   Thankfully it's on kindle.  It's about Torvald.

Ivar, Ari, and Torvald are their beast by day, while Gunnar, Brand, Jafri, and Stienarr are their beast by night.  

Immortal Warrior

Immortal Warrior

In book 1, Immortal Warrior, Ivar, Ari, and Stienarr figure out that they can break the curse by finding true love.  

Ivar marries Lady Alaida without telling her about the curse and that he changes into an eagle.  He vows to leave her alone after a vision scares him.  But he finds that he can't.  She is stronger than she looks and the love she offers Ari actually breaks the curse.

Ari and Stienarr take the good news to the others after Ivar found love with Alaida.

Ari plays an vital role in the storyline.  He is a sorcerer himself and sees visions.  Even though he is manipulated by Cwen, he still helps the others find their happiness.

Immortal Outlaw

Immortal Outlaw

In book 2, Immortal Outlaw, Steinarr helps Marian find the key to her brother's inheritance.  

This one has a Robinhood feel to it.  Her brother's name is Robert who also is called Robin.  Marian is his sister.

After being attacked by some ruffians, Marian and Robin try to convince Steinarr to let them travel with him.  He doesn't want them to.  

It takes a kiss and being hired to find them that he decides to go after them.  After that he helps them find the treasure and gets to know them in return.  

It's only after she sees him transform does she realize the connection she has with him.  

Immortal Champion

Immortal Champion

In book 3, Immortal Champion, Eleanor is rescued from a fire when Gunnar comes to Richmond Castle to get warm.

He is a bull by day and a man by night.  

And she is fascinated with him and can't forget him.  But when his life is threatened, she agree to marry another.   He never forgets her.  He saves her again only to find out that the man she was married to has died.  He then the opportunity to be with her.  

The main part of the story is them fighting to be together.  It takes some clever planning and a look-alike cousin to make their wishes come true.

Immortal Defender

Immortal Defender

I am excited to see what happens to Torvald in book 4, Immortal Defender.

I haven't read this one because I can't find it in hard cover - yet!!  

This series is long time in the making.  I'm excited to read book 4 and the others when they come.


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