Immortal Champion by Lisa Hendrix

Immortal Champion by Lisa HendrixBook 3

Immortal Champion is the 3rd book in the Immortal Brotherhood Series by Lisa Hendrix!

This is when Gunner the Red gets his story.  And by looking at the book cover, you see that he's the one that turns into a bull during the day.

This book is called Immortal Champion because not only does he save her when she's a young girl, but also comes back and saves her several more times before the story is over.  He's her champion!

But first some facts about the book.

This book was published in 2011.  And while it's written in 3rd person, it jumps between a cast of wonderful characters.

This story is set in the early 1400s.  So the language of the story follows the customs and mannerisms of that time period.  The author uses the words and titles of that time period that help us to feel and enjoy the muck and cold and unique words that that time period holds.

And she weaves a great story.

Because two of their crew have found their women and found peace, Brand, Ari, Jafri, Torvald and Gunner are all looking for their amulets and for the one woman that would steal their hearts.  Side note: Rorik (the dog) and Kjell (the stag) don't play a part in this book.

And for Gunner, Eleanor is his.  But due to the political arena of the time, she must marry another to satisfy her father and that leads her on a path that she must walk down, even though she may not want to.

At the end of the story we find out that some of these characters are based on real people in England's history.  So we know then that Lisa Hendrix has done a great deal of research to write this novel.

After Eleanor must refuse Gunner her hand in order to save him, she is sent to another to marry.  And it's only by chance that she is left a widow not many years later.  But her father still has her hand in her life and forces her to marry yet another.

But this time she takes matters into her own hands and seeks out Gunner herself.  You see, she always loved Gunner but in order to save him from being found out, she had to marry another.

She had found out who and what he was in the beginning, and had lain with him.  But her father played a wicked hand in her life.  You also find out that the evil Cwen was playing in their lives as well.

There are only a couple of sexy scenes to watch out for and they are detailed.  One in the beginning and one in the end when they get back to each other.

So this story is filled with more the customs of the time and what life was like for these people back in the 1400s as opposed to a battle that had to be won.  And you see how they had to marry for survival as opposed to love. 

Lisa Hendrix does a great job of weaving in the way they had to live, the way they ate, what they wore, what they sounded like to be a part of the storyline.  You can tell that she had to do a ton of research to get the words right for the right thing in each scene.  Even to what they called their clothing and what they called their everyday things.

It's a great story.  There's intrigue, despair and romance all wrapped up in the boring nothingness of life that life would've been like at this time.

Definitely watch out for book 4, Immortal Defender, for when Torvald finally finds the woman that will steal his heart.

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