Immortal Outlaw by Lisa Hendrix

Immortal Outlaw by Lisa HendrixBook 2

Immortal Outlaw is the 2nd book in the Immortal Brotherhood Series by Lisa Hendrix.

With only eight of them left and nearly 200 years after Ivar found his true love, it's now Steinnar finds his lady love!

Steinnar is the one that turns into a lion at night.  And because the lion is a wild animal feared by many, he has had to resort to thievery to survive.  He can't live near people for any length of time for fear of being killed.

He encounters Marian and Robin when he tried to save an old man from highwaymen.

After burying the old man, Marian and Robin approach Stiennar to ask if he will aid them in their quest.  He refuses and they go their separate ways.

Only after he's encountered another that wants them found that he agrees to go and find them.

And that is when the whole story starts to come out.

Robin and Marian are on a quest to find a hidden treasure that their father laid out before he died.  This quest will allow Robin to take his rightful place.

Stiennar becomes their protector as well as their friend.  And he has Ari and Torvald with him as his companions.  Torvald is the one that protects her at night from the lion.

But what noone knows is that Marian has an affinity for feeling and speaking of sorts to animals and she feels something with Stiennar, something that bonds them together.

And with them spending so much time together, they give in to their passion.  So there are several sexy scenes that are quite detailed that you need to watch for. 

You will find that this story is actually very closely connected to the story of Robinhood and Marian.  There are a tons of likenesses that happen during this book, from the people, to the places that they visit, to the quest that they are on.

Ari spreads the story of Robinhood and the people jump onto to it and share it with all others.

Now Marian (also called Matilda and Maud) and Robin (also called Robert) changed their names in order to be able to travel as pilgrims instead of the noblemen that they were.

And with the help of Stiennar they are able to finish their quest.

And their prize also happens to be the amulet that Stiennar lost that many years ago.  And in the end, Marian frees him from the curse and they live happily ever after of course.

But not before the story leaves us with a bit of a lead in for the next book.  In book 3, Immortal Champion, you will find that Gunnar the Red finally finds his lady.

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