Buckhorn Beginnings by Lori Foster

Buckhorn Beginnings is the 2011 Paperback Edition of the 1st two books in the Buckhorn Brothers Series by Lori Foster.  

Lori Foster's Buckhorn Beginnings - Sawyer's and Morgan's stories2011 Paperback Edition - Book 1 & 2

Book Details

The names of these books are the names of the main characters in this series.  But you'll find that, in order to reissue these books, they were reissued as double stories and published with a different name!

You'll also find that there're collection sets with several of the books in each collection.

I've included as many book covers for each book as I've been able to find!

Sawyer - book 1

Lori Foster has reissued Sawyer in 2020 and changed the name to Finally Home!2020 Book Cover for Sawyer - changed to Finally Home!

Here're the book covers for this book, Sawyer.  

You can tell by the type of cover when and why it was published!

Interesting huh!!

Lori Foster's Sawyer 2017 issue2017 Kindle Edition
Lori Foster's Sawyer2007 Kindle Edition
Lori Foster's Sawyer2000 Paperback Edition

You'll find this book is not a very long book, with only 212 pages.  And you'll find that the 2020 book cover has a new classification of romantic suspense! 

Yes, there're a couple of sexy scenes that you do need to watch for that have too many details.  You can skip them if needed and not miss out on the storyline.

This story is classified as a contemporary romance.  It was originally published in 2000 under Harlequin Temptation.

Book Summary

The series starts with Honey Malone crashing into Sawyer Hudson's fence.  As a doctor, he's honor bound to take care of the sick and wounded.  As a man, he falls for Honey faster than he likes.

And when he finds out that she's running for her life, he takes the necessary steps to keep her.

Sawyer lives out in a small community called Buckhorn in Kentucky.  And as a doctor, he's well known in town and is loved by all.

But he's not ready to settle down because of the hurt and shame that he feels from his first marriage.

But the love and desire he feels for Honey is too strong to ignore nor to do something about.  And when he learns that she wants him as well, he decides to just go for it.

Please note that there's quite a bit of sexual talk, how they desire the other and such.

During the time that she's at their house, Honey falls for Sawyer, but she also becomes endeared with Morgan, Gabe, Jordan but especially Casey.  They all learn to love her and try to help Sawyer to see that she's exactly what he needs.

In the end, yes he decides to tell her that he loves her.  And they solve why she's in danger and convince her to stay with him forever!!

And then the story moves onto Morgan's story!!

Morgan - book 2

Morgan's story picks up right after Sawyer's with their wedding happening.

And who's been invited to the wedding is Honey's sister Misty.  

And Misty rubs Morgan just the wrong way.  And he's frustrated and annoyed that he feels this for Honey's sister.

2017 Kindle Edition of Morgan by Lori Foster2017 Kindle Edition
2007 Kindle Edition of Morgan by Lori Foster2007 Kindle Edition
2000 Paperback Edition of Morgan by Lori Foster2000 Paperback Edition

Book Details

Morgan's story is written in similar fashion as Sawyer's story.  Foster does a good job of changing the POV and making it sound like Morgan and not Sawyer.

There're still too many details in the sex scenes for my taste but the story is interesting and compelling.


Because Morgan doesn't like how he feels around Misty, he basically gives her the boot. But when he finds out that she's homeless, jobless as well as being pregnant, he changes his mind and forces her to stay, just like Sawyer did with Honey.

Misty doesn't take any of Morgan's crap unlike Honey, who's quieter and softer than her sister.

And of course, Morgan fights his feelings for Misty for the majority of the story.

But he does come up with a plan to help her out while helping him.  He offers her a job as a secretary/assistant to him, the town sheriff.

Misty is fiercely independent and takes the job but gets another as well.

They spend the majority of the story butting heads and making each other crazy, until they finally admit to each other that they love each other.

Its does take a bit for Misty to catch on that Morgan, while he likes taking care of people, loves her for who she is and the person that she's trying to be.

Conclusion of both books!!

I really like book series about families, just like this one.

Both stories were entertaining and fun.  There was too much sex for my liking, but with that avoided, you can enjoy the banter between these brothers and the women that captures their hearts.

If you're ready for the next story, check out Forever Buckhorn, which has Gabe's and Jordan's stories.

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