Author Lori Foster

Lori Foster is one of my favorite romance writers.  Her books are the type of books that once you start reading, you can't put it down until you finish.  And if the book is part of a series, you end up with a sleepless night.  They are that good.

Check out her site here.  She has a site full of so many books to read.  I have read a chunk of them but not all.  I've listed the ones that I have read and loved.

The Buckhorn Brothers Series

If you are looking to join a dynamic family, then the Hudson brothers would be the family that I would love to join.  Everyone of the brothers is tall, dark and handsome, intelligent, suave, charismatic, fun loving, desirable, caring, gentle.  The whole town is in love with each of the brothers.  They live in Buckhorn County, hence the title of the series.

Okay, so I enjoyed this book series.  The names of the books are the names of the brothers.  Morgan, Jordan, Sawyer, and Gabe.  

Lori Foster has also reissued these books out with different covers and joined up two books into one.  Buckhorn Beginnings is Sawyer's and Morgan's stories.  Forever Buckhorn is Jordan's and Gabe's stories.  


Lori Foster's SawyerIssued 2000
Lori Foster's SawyerIssued 2007
Lori Foster's Buckhorn Beginnings - Sawyer's and Morgan's storiesIssued 2011
Lori Foster's Sawyer 2017 issue2017 issue

The story line starts with Sawyer.  He is a doctor and is loved by all.  He was married to Casey's mother but she didn't want to be a mother.  Sawyer raises Casey on his own, goes to school and helps to raise his brothers too.  He is a man to die for.  

Honey Malone crashes into his life, literally, and he nurses her back to health.  She is on the run with a car full of stuff.    While they figure out her issues, they fall for each other.


Lori Foster's MorganIssued 2000
Lori Foster's MorganIssued 2007
Lori Foster's Buckhorn Beginnings - Sawyer's and Morgan's storiesIssued 2011
Lori Foster's Morgan2017 issue

Morgan's story picks up right after Sawyer.  Morgan is the local sheriff.  He wants a mild mannered woman but instead falls for Honey's sister Misty.  She's a lot more than he bargained for but everything he needed.


Lori Foster's GabeIssued 2000
Lori Foster's GabeIssued 2007
Lori Foster's Forever Buckhorn - Gabe's and Jordan's storiesIssued 2011
Lori Foster's Gabe2017 issue

Gabe is the family mechanic.  He can fix anything that is put in front of him.  He kept Honey's car from working, purposely, so that she would stick around and fall for Sawyer (in book 1).  He appears to be a bum but he's anything but.  So when Elizabeth Parks comes to interview him for her thesis, he makes a bargain with her.  What's fun is that he's the one to fall hard.


Lori Foster's JordanIssued 2000
Lori Foster's JordanIssued 2007
Lori Foster's Forever Buckhorn - Gabe's and Jordan's storiesIssued 2011

There isn't a 2017 issue for Jordan yet!!!

The youngest brother is Jordan.  He is the local vet.  He falls for Georgia Barnes and her kids before he realizes what happened.  

Each story is filled with entertaining scenes and interesting fights.  Each story is filled with romance and enlightening couples.

And then....

The Buckhorn Legacy

The Buckhorn Legacy

The story continues with Casey, Sawyer's son in The Buckhorn Legacy.  Casey is all grown up for his story.  The story line jumps back for a bit to tell us how he met Emma Clark and how they had feelings for each other that were combustible and way too strong. Emma literally runs away.  Emma comes back into Casey's life and he decides to prove to her that their young love can become the real thing.

I like how Lori Foster has all the family grow up and who is doing what and how their relationships have grown.  I'm excited to see how this story line continues.

There are several more books in this series.  I will add them when I have the chance to read them.

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