Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland

Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland

Stardust of Yesterday is part of the de Piaget Family Series by Lynn Kurland.  

This story was first published in 1997, so there's no modern tech that we have now.  And it's classified as a paranormal ghost story under romance.

What you will find that this story is a paranormal romance, or a ghost story that's filled with adorable and absolutely gorgeous ghosts.

The story is first based in San Francisco in 1997.  Then the story moves to a beautiful castle in England.

Genevieve Buchanan is a restoration specialist who loves old things and loves to make them new again.  She's started her own little firm in California and she loved it.

But she's always had a dream.  A dream to live in a castle and win the heart of a knight in shining armor!

At first, her dream is just a dream, but when she finds out that she's actually inherited a castle, and her little business goes belly-up, she decides to take the castle instead.

But what she doesn't know is that she's also inherited a medieval ghost.  A ghost that wants her dead.

At least at first.

At first, he does everything that he can to scare her away.  That way he can get her to sign over the castle to him and then he can finally move on.

You see, Kendrick de Piaget was born in the 12th Century and was killed in 1260.  He's been a ghost for the last 700+ years.  He was killed by Richard of York in a scheme with his intended, Matilda, the lady of Seakirk.  Together they killed him and cast a spell on him and some of his people.

And so he's been haunting the Seakirk Castle for many generations, making it that Genevieve is the last living Buchanan.  He needs her to sign over the rights to the castle for him to finally move on.

And at first, it starts to work.  

Then they find that they actually might like each other's company.  And that's the basis of the story.  They spend time in this gorgeous castle getting to know each other.  And because he's from 12th century, he's old school thinking, mannerisms and speech.  He treats Genevieve very eloquently and old-school.

While she's there, she also gets to know several ghostly characters that were with Kendrick in life but also ones that come to him for guidance and sport!!

As a ghost, he's been able to use his ghosty skills to amass a fortune while knowing all about the modern everything.  And with Genevieve a part of his life, he finally knows what it's like to feel love and receive love.

They have one huge obstacle between them.  He's a ghost and she's not.  And that poses a problem in being able to go forward in their relationship.

They do the best they can, but then in an emotional fit, she signs the papers and that changes everything.  

Okay, sorry, spoilers here!

By her signing the papers, he gets a second chance at life again.  And that's with Gen!!  The story ends with them getting married.  And they have babies and live happily ever after!!

It's a really cute story.  I found the language of the story is more at a collage level read then junior fiction.  But still a completely enjoyable book.  The details in the story make you believe that you're actually there in England enjoying a wonderfully restored castle and the mischievous characters that dwell in it!!

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In my research of this series, you will find that the order of the books differs from her site to Goodreads to Amazon.  And because of that, I have to be the one to read the whole series to then know which book goes before and after which book!!!  And that's time consuming!

So in time there will be a picture here to show the whole series.

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