A Duke for Miss Daisy by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison

A Duke for Miss Daisy is the 1st book in the Wallflower's Wish Series by both Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison.

A Duke for Miss Daisy by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann MadisonBook 1

Book Details

A Duke for Miss Daisy is a small romance book, with only 153 pages to it!!  But it's not a novella, interesting huh!!

And it can also be considered a new release, as it was published in July 2020!!

This is also a historical Regency romance so the characters have the mannerisms and customs of that timeframe.

I also found the story to be simple and easy, being that the characters are not complicated nor is the plot difficult to understand.

This series is about the group of girls that are considered wallflowers in the society's ton.  They're very unpopular and can disappear without being seen.

This story happens right along with book 2 and 3 but you don't realize that until you've read those books.

Book Summary

This is Daisy's story.

She's been in love with the Duke of Dolan, Griff, for as long as she can remember.  So when she actually meets him at this season's house party, she's horribly disappointed to find out that's he rude, grim and not what she expected at all.

Now you might think this is a love at first sight type of book, but it's not.  Daisy knew Griff for several seasons and had loved him from afar.

It's just now that they're actually meeting and getting to know each other.

They literally run into one another and at first he thinks she's just like all of the other ladies out there, hunting for a husband.

Now keep in mind, that this story is based in the Victorian era where people have proper manners and language.  A kiss would be tantamount to marriage.  

So all the scenes and dialogue are very appropriate and fitting to how they should behave and conduct themselves during this time.

Daisy, along with her two friends, decide that they'll be known as the wallflowers that they are.  Daisy will be Daisy.  Laura will be Lily and Mary will be Marigold.  So for the remainder of the books, these are their names.

Daisy and Griff encounter each other and come to some conclusions that are incorrect mostly due to the lack of communication.  I found that while this was very much due to the culture of the timeframe, it's also annoying.

Finally after both of them stewing for a time, they realize that they need to face each other and declare their feelings.

And then they live happily ever after!!


Okay, while I did enjoy this very short, easy read, I did find that it was also cheezy and cute.

The story happens quickly, almost too quickly.

And the characters are not complicated.  I would call them one dimensional even where each main character has only one flaw and that's what the story is about.  It's also when the plot is not challenging.  

This is a simple, easy read.  A read that you can finish in literally one sitting.

I did enjoy it and found the other books in the series to see what happens to the other girls.

I also found an interesting thing about this book and this series.  When you read book 2 you'll find that that book happened almost simultaneously as this book.  They overlap in content and scenes!!

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