A Lord for Miss Lily by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison

A Lord for Miss Lily is the 2nd book in the Wallflower's Wish Series by both Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison.

A Lord for Miss Lily by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann MadisonBook 2

Book Details

A Duke for Miss Daisy is a small romance book, with only 141 pages to it!!  But it's not a novella, interesting huh!!

And it can also be considered a new release, as it was published in August 2020!!

This is also a historical Regency romance so the characters have the mannerisms and customs of that timeframe.

I also found the story to be simple and easy, being that the characters are not complicated nor is the plot difficult to understand.

This series is about the group of girls that are consider themselves to be wallflowers in the society's ton.  And while they're unpopular, they're also loyal and smart to each other.

This story happens right along with book 1 and 3 but you don't realize that until you've read of the books.

You'll also find that this story has the "in love with your brother's best friend" trope in the storyline.

Please know that this story happens simultaneously as book 1 and book 3, so you'll find dialogue and scenes that happened in both books.

Book Summary

This is Lily's story.

Her actual name is Laura Upton.  And she's a wallflower by choice and circumstances.

As a child, she became sickly and that caused her to be ostracized by other girls in the ton.  They mocked her for her lack of abilities to dance or to go walking or to participate in activities.  And the leader of those girls was her own childhood friend Abigail.

In order to protect herself, she chose to become friends with the wallflower girls, Daisy and Marigold.

And with Daisy and Marigold, she finds acceptance and loyalty.

The one thing that she felt was missing was her longtime friend and compatriot, Merrick.  Lord Merrick Kensworth is both her compatriot and her brother's best friend.

She could always count on him to side with her when the ton got to difficult to deal with.

But since he came back, after being gone for a couple of years, he sided with "her", and she hasn't liked who he was.

But her friendship was important to him too and he refuses to take no for an answer and wants to know why she's snubbing him and why she won't tell him anything.

She also expects answers.

So this story is a discovery type of story with the characters basically coming clean with their actions and finding out that their feelings are actually deeper and maybe more.

Lily has been hiding that she's been so sick that she almost died and Merrick doesn't want to relive the shame he feels about his almost engagement with Abigail.

And then they get caught kissing and he's now forced to offer marriage to her.  This plays into the storyline in that she doesn't want him forced to marry her.

They are both stuck in the rules of conformity.  They both feel that they must be something that they are not. And while Lily is doing everything to NOT do what she's supposed to do, she thinks that Merrick IS doing what he has to do to conform, but that ends up being wrong too.

You see, Merrick is the second son to a wealthy lord.  And he's expected to tow the line just like his brother does.  But Merrick doesn't want to.  He wants Lily.

They both go thru somewhat of a transformation, where both of them change to be able to be together.

And that's what brings them the happiness that they both want.

In the end, they both give the other a grand gesture that tells the other just how deeply they feel for the other.


And then the story does end happily ever after.

I found this one to be more interesting than the first book.  The characters had a great dynamic between each other.  

And even tho the characters are not complicated nor is there a difficult plot line, it was still an enjoyable book to read.

It led directly into the next book, A Marquess for Miss Marigold, where we find out Marigold's story!!

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