A Marquess for Miss Marigold by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison

A Marquess for Miss Marigold is the 3rd book in the Wallflower's Wish Series by both Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison.

A Marquess for Miss Marigold by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann MadisonBook 3

Book Details

A Marquess for Miss Marigold is a small romance book, with only 140 pages to it!!  But it's not a novella, interesting huh!!

And it can also be considered a new release, as it was published in September 2020!!

This is also a historical Regency romance so the characters have the mannerisms and customs of that timeframe.

I also found the story to be simple and easy, being that the characters are not complicated nor is the plot difficult to understand.

This series is about the group of friends that're considered wallflowers in the society's ton.  And while they may be unpopular, they're also loyal and smart with each other.

This story happens right along with book 1 and 2, with dialogue and scenes that overlap and happen in both books.

You'll also find that this story has the "love at first sight" trope as well.

There's also no sensual details whatsoever.  There's no inappropriate behavior or conduct at all in this story.  The characters all talk and act with the customs and attitudes of this era.

Book Summary

This is Marigold's story.

Her actual name is Mary Clearwater.  And she's the original wallflower.  She's shy and quiet and has always hidden behind the ferns at every season activity for several seasons.

The Marquess of Arundel has come home from war, injured, and overwhelmed with the duties that're now his as the new Marquess since his father died.

And he comes home to a house party.

When he literally bumps into Marigold, it's the beginning of something new that neither of them expected.

Marigold is terribly shy and reserved.  Max (the Marquess) is the prodigal son, returned home from the war, and the most desired bachelor there.

He dances with Marigold and she suddenly becomes noticed by many others and how things have changed.

What he doesn't realize is that he wants to be the one to be with her....always!!

That's the love at first sight part!!  He "fell" for her when they fell together in the tool shed!  And now he has to decide what he wants.

And that's the point of the story, for him to decide that he can find a wife even though he's come home to take over the responsibilities left by his late father.

So then they both have misgivings and misunderstandings and think they're not worthy of the other.  Then of course, they both realize the error of their ways and declare their love to each other and the story ends happily ever after.

But not before we get a glimpse of what's gonna happen in the next book!!  Book 4 is about Sarah, Max's sister.


This story is very similar to the first two books in this series.  And while it may be the end of the characters that called themselves the wallflower's, it's not the end of the series!!

I found this story to be very one dimensional.  Max was a veteran, returned with an injury and had to face his family after being gone to war. 

Needless to say, that alone would've been enough, but to have to face a house full of houseguests that were there to be married off would be over the top.  This party was set up by his mother to not only help him find a bride.

By this time in the storyline, Marigold is the only one left of the three and feels like she's facing the rest of her life alone.

And then they meet.  To say that it's fast is an understatement!  And the authors don't go into alot of the emotions and physical issues that the characters would realistically have to deal with.

But it was a fun and easy read.  Very short, and simple.  Completely enjoyable.

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