'Tis the Season for Lady Sarah by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison

'Tis the Season for Lady Sarah is the 4th book in the Wallflower's Wish Series by both Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann Madison.

'Tis the Season for Lady Sarah by Maggie Dallen and Katherine Ann MadisonBook 4

Book Details

'Tis the Season for Lady Sarah is a 127 page romance book.  So little enough to be a novella but for some reason it's not labeled as such.

It is a new release as it was published Nov 2020.

It's also a historical Regency romance so the characters have the mannerisms and customs of that timeframe.

I also found the story to be simple and easy, being that the characters are not complicated nor is the plot difficult to understand.

The first 3 books in this series were about the group of friends that considered themselves wallflowers.  Now this story isn't about a "wallflower" but Sarah is connected to them.

Sarah is the younger sister to Max, the Marquess of Arundel.

And this story is at Christmas time, they call it Christmastide!  And it's time for Max's and Marigold's wedding.

You'll find that this story kinda follows the "in love with your brother's best friend" trope!!  I think it's also "distain, even loath to love" trope as well.  

There's also no sensual details whatsoever.  There's no inappropriate behavior or conduct at all in this story.  The characters all talk and act with the customs and attitudes of this era.

Book Summary

This is Sarah's story.  She's the sister to Max Langston, the Marquess of Arundel.  Theo Everly, the Earl of Everly is Max's best friend and the one that he turns to when he must leave for war.

Sarah doesn't like the Earl of Everly.  He's annoying and thwarts her plans every time.

The prologue is when he thwarted her plans to meet up with her love interest which was several years before.

The story starts when Max and Marigold are going to get married.  And the Earl is invited and once again asked to watch out for Sarah.

Keep in mind, the customs and cultures of this era make it that a kiss is the beginning of a marriage.  That if you get caught kissing another, then they must marry you in order to save your reputation.  This happened to Lily and Lord Merrick.

Sarah thought she loved another and tried to sneak out to say goodbye when the Earl stopped her.  Now, a year and half later, Emmet Stallworth is back and he'll do what he can to protect her.

This book takes the storyline a little different than the others.  Sarah has grown up during the time that her brother was gone.  They lost their father and Sarah has become an integral part of the household. 

But no one has noticed.  Not Max, not her mother, and not the Earl of Everly.

It takes Emmet coming back to get the Earl of Everly to see that she's all grown up and a woman of her own.

And in that, he sees that not only is she a beautiful woman, she's also the one that holds his heart.  He just has to get her to see that he sees her.

So this story follows a very similar pattern as the first three books.  They meet, start to have feelings for each other, think that they can't be together due to whatever, then they decide that they want to be together anyway and find a way to make it happen.

After they declare their love, the end up living happily ever after.


Yes, this story was just as enjoyable and fun as the first three books.  And it's just as short.  I would've liked to see each story to be longer with more meat to them, but it was a simple, easy read.

And just like the other stories, this one's also one dimensional.  

There's no real complicated storyline nor is there difficult character to try to understand.  It's just a fun and easy read.  Very short, and simple.  Completely enjoyable.

And yes, it leads into what will be Abigail's story.  This one is due out March 2021!

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