Gold Valley Series by Maisey Yates

The Gold Valley Series by Maisey Yates is a new contemporary romance series that is just coming out in 2018.

This series is based in Gold Valley.  There are several prominent families in Gold Valley and the Dodge family along with the Logan family are among them.

This series has to do with the Dodge family and their Get Out of Dodge Ranch.  There are five kids in the Dodge family: Wyatt, Bennett, Quinn, Grant and Jamie (the only girl)!

This series starts with Luke Hollister.  He's been a long-time fixture at Get Out of Dodge and he's the first to get his story!

Book 1, Smooth-Talking Cowboy, is came out in February.  This story is about Luke Hollister and Olivia Logan.

Book 2, Untamed Cowboy, comes out June 2018 and is Bennett's story.  His best friend is Kaylee Capshaw and now it might be something more!

Book 3, Good time Cowboy, is about Wyatt  and Lindy.  This one comes out August 2018.

Book 4, A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas is where Grant gets his story!  This one comes out Sept 2018.

This series also has two novellas that fit somewhere in the storyline.

Cowboy Christmas Blues came out Oct 2017, so it must be book 0.5!  I'll let you know what it is when I've found it!

And Mail Order Cowboy is also a novella and comes out June 2018.

I'll add these when I've found them.

Untamed Cowboy by Maisey YatesBook 2
Good Time Cowboy by Maisey YatesBook 3
A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas by Maisey YatesBook 4
Cowboy Christmas Blues by Maisey YatesA Novella
Mail Order Cowboy by Maisey YatesA Novella


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