Smooth-Talking Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Smooth-Talking Cowboy by Maisey YatesBook 1

Smooth-Talking Cowboy is the 1st book in the Gold Valley Series by Maisey Yates.

This is the Luke Hollister's and Olivia Logan's story.

First, some background.

This series is about the Dodge family and the Get Out of Dodge Ranch in Gold Valley.  Luke started working for the family many years before. 

He basically grew up on the ranch with the Dodge kids.  There's Wyatt, Bennett, Quinn, Grant and Jamie (the only girl).

They are a well-to-do family in Gold Valley.  

And the Logan family is also a prominent family.  So when Bennett and Olivia begin dating, they are the perfect couple.

The only problem is is that Olivia broke up with Bennett because she felt like something was missing, she just didn't know what.

And then regrets that decision.

So the story actually starts a couple of months after the breakup and she's having second thoughts and is unsure of herself.

She comes up with a plan of making Bennett jealous by asking her longtime friend Luke Hollister to pretend to be her boyfriend to convince Bennett to see the error of his ways.

Luke agrees to the plan as long as she will put in a good word to her father for a chunk of land that he's been trying to sell.

But what they didn't count on what the deep buried feelings that they had for each other.

So as they are pretending to be a couple, their own feelings are coming to the surface and causing a whole lot of issues in the story.

They spend the majority of the storyline working through their issues while fighting their feelings for each other.

Olivia's sister was a rebel and left home long before the story began but she plays an interesting role in Olivia's transformation and helping her to grow up and become her own person.

Luke also must live down the reputation that he has.  He gives in to his shortcomings until the very end until Bennett sets him straight and helps him to see that Olivia is the one that he can't let get away.

There were details in the sexy scenes that you need to be aware of and can skip if needed.

While the story is interesting and entertaining, it was not as realistic as it could have been.

At the beginning of the story, Olivia comes across as this completely inexperienced and naive character.  And then she jumps into bed with Luke when she vowed not to with Bennett.  A little contradictory, but okay!!!

I did enjoy the storyline.  It was a cute story.  Cute enough that I'll check out book 2 when it comes out!

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