Author Mary Campisi

I love it when I find a new author.  I found this one through Bookbub (check them out, you get lots of free books). 

She is definitely an author to watch.  Her books are entertaining and make you think!  Check out her site.  She has several book series, but I've only read the first one.

The Truth in Lies Series

Mary Campisi's A Family AffairA Family Affair
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: SpringA Family Affair: Spring
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: SummerA Family Affair: Summer
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: FallA Family Affair: Fall
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: ChristmasA Family Affair: Christmas
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: WinterA Family Affair: Winter
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: The PromiseA Family Affair: The Promise
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: The SecretA Family Affair: The Secret
Mary Campisi's A Family Affair: The WishA Family Affair: The Wish

The basis of the book series is around this small town of Magdalena.  It is one of those towns where everybody knows everybody.

At first her intimacy levels were really low, but then in the last chapter she throws in a scene.  And you are left thinking, Oh! Okay!!

She is a good writer, thought provoking, definitely interesting plot lines.

Book 1, A Family Affair, starts out with Christine finding out with the death of her father that he had another family.  A woman and a child.  Christine goes through a real emotional time coming to terms with the fact that her father had another life completely away from her and her mother.  She finds comfort in the last person that she expects, Nate Desantro.  He is this woman's son from a previous relationship.  Talk about making it complicated.  

It's an interesting concept.  Mary Campisi does a good job of presenting this idea.

I haven't read any of the others, but here is a list of them for you.  I will finish this when I have had a chance to read them!!  They look exciting.

Book 2, A Family Affair: Spring, sounds like it is a continuation of the first story.  I'll let you know when I get to it.

Book 3, A Family Affair: Summer, goes onto people from the small town of Magdalena.  Daniel and Tess.

Book 4, A Family Affair: Fall, is about Gina and Ben.

Book 5, A Family Affair: Christmas, is a novella.

Book 6, A Family Affair: Winter is about Michael and Elise.

Book 7, A Family Affair: The Promise, is Grant's story.

Book 8, A Family Affair:  The Secret, is Roman and Angie's story.

Book 9, A Family Affair:  The Wish, came out in April 2016.

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