After the Storm by Maya Banks

After the Storm by Maya BanksBook 8

After the Storm is the 8th book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

Donovan finally gets his story!!!!

This is Donovan's and Eve's story.  

Donovan is the romantic of the Kelly brothers.  He's envious of what his brothers have and he's ready for the next stage of life.  He has his house built, he's established in the organization and he's now patiently waiting.

Then Rusty (she's the kid that Marlene adopted and has been a part of the family since the beginning) finds a kid that reminds her way too much of herself.  

He's down on his luck.  He's still a kid and he's desperate for money as a way to support his sisters.

But Rusty knows that there's more to the story.   So she enlists Van's help to find out more about this kid.  His name is Travis.

They find that Travis is on the run with his sisters, Eve and Cammie.  Eve is 24yrs old and Cammie is a 4yrs, Travis is 15yrs.  They are scared, running and living in squalor.

And when Donovan first sees Eve, he's smitten.

Now you have to know that Donovan is the type that always does jobs that have to do with women and children.  He's a complete softy and wants a family of his own.  So when he sees the conditions that they are living in, he must step in to help.  

Because of Eve's and Travis' situation, they know that they can't stay for long in a small town.  So the pack up to leave.

What they don't anticipate is the storm, the tornado, that comes their way.  And they get caught in it.

Of course, Van comes to their rescue and invites them to their compound for them to get the medical aid that they need as well as a place to feel safe.

Now, by this time the compound is up and running.  They have most of their homes within the compound's boundaries and they have a level of safety and security that would rival any king.

And with Van as the resident geek, he has it all wired up, top of the line everything.  Even a medical bay that Maren can use to do just about anything.

So he offers care to Eve, Travis, and Cammie.  Cammie had been really sick and was in need of hospital care.  So Donovan offers to harbor them in his newly finished home.

And what do you know, he likes them there.  They fit!

Now their relationship happens very quickly.  One day they're coming to live with Van, the next he forging a romantic relationship with her.  It's almost too fast.  You could call it love at first sight, it happens so fast.

As they are recuperating at his place, Eve and Van get to know each other, and her story comes out.

She's on the run from Travis' and Cammie's father.  He's a manipulative control freak and killed their mother.  So when he started showing the wrong kind of interest in little Cammie, Eve got them out.  And she's been on the run ever since.

But now with Van's help, they can stand and fight.

While they are getting to know each other, Van introduces her to each of his brothers and their wives.  And we get to know how each of them are doing and what's happening in their lives.  How they are not only having more children but their teams are expanding and their business is thriving.

And because Van is who Van is, he thinks that he can be the knight in shining armor and save Eve from him.  So he comes up with a plan.  But he doesn't tell Eve this plan and when she overhears some of it, she misinterprets what he's meaning and thinks that he's betraying her.

And that's where both of their insecurities come into the storyline.  And that takes up a huge chunk of the story.  

And the father comes looking for Eve and the kids.  And he will stop at nothing to get them all back.  He's a sick bas****!

And to make the story interesting, Eve plays right into his hands and get caught.

That sends Donovan into a tailspin that almost makes him unable to function.  But then he gets all his brothers helping to look for her.

And then when he does find her, she's been heavily medicated and also has checked out from life.  Very much like the situation that happened with Nathan and Shea in book 4.  She had lost the will to live.

Van must then win her love again and prove to her that he's genuine and that he wants to be with her forever.

I found the story to be quite cheesy!!  A bit unrealistic in that they came together really fast as well as she's got past her insecurities really easily in the end.  

You will also find that there are several sexy scenes that you need to watch out for.  And yes they are detailed.  She happens to be a virgin and so things are descriptive and more detailed.

It's nice to see that Donovan finally gets his story!

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