The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

The Darkest Hour by Maya BanksBook 1

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks is the 1st book in her KGI Series.  This series is classified as a romantic suspense novel, but can also be called a military romance.

As this is the beginning of the series, you get a lot more background info on who and what the whole KGI Group is.  And who is running it.

The KGI Group stands for the Kelly Group International.  And they are a group of military men that do the jobs that others don't want to do.

The main characters for each of the books are the Kelly brothers, with a few being some of the team.

This is Ethan's story.

Ethan has been racked with guilt ever since his wife Rachel died.  He can't get over how he treated her and the guilt that goes along with that.

Meanwhile, his brothers are coming together to create a business that will pool their special skills and keep them a family.

Ethan isn't able to focus and be a part of things since Rachel's death.  But when he gets a package saying that she is being held captive, he then stops at nothing to see if it is her.

After realizing it is her and then rescuing her, the storyline then becomes about the healing that they both have to do in order to get past the damage that they both did to their relationship.  

As the first in his family to get married, he is jealous of his brothers and the relationship that Rachel had with each of them.

Then when he finds her again, he has a lot to make up for and she has a lot of healing to do from being held captive for more than a year. 

Now, the storyline is not about the abuse that she endured nor about the healing that she has to do because of being held.  What the storyline focuses on their relationship and the healing they do together.

And yes, that has to do with the sexual side of their relationship as well.  And the sexy scenes are very detailed.  Enough to do some skipping.

So while the storyline is about them, it is also about why she was taken in the first place.  And they have to solve that as well.

And because of that there is violence in the storyline.

There is also swearing in the storyline.  It goes with culture of the characters and the fact that they are all some sort of military.

This is an interesting story.  Ethan is an interesting character.  He comes across as a real jerk at first.  Then after finding Rachel again, he does everything to make their relationship stronger and better.  So his character goes thru major growth.

But you also get to know some of the others as well.  Maya Banks does a good job of introducing the characters and making them accurate throughout the series.  

Definitely worth checking out. 

Book 2, No Place to Run follows right after this story.  Check it out!

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