Forged in Steele by Maya Banks

Forged in Steele by Maya BanksBook 7

Forged in Steele is the 7th book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

This story is about Jackson Steele and Maren Scofield.

Steele is the team leader for one of the teams that work for the Kellys.  So this is another book that is about the others in the group.

Maren is the doctor that they have been going to for the majority of the series, whenever they needed some patching up.

Now whenever Steele had come around Maren, he was always cold and calculated.  But at the beginning of this story, he finally decides to give into his thoughts and spend a night with her.

And that is where you'll find a very detailed scene that you can skip, if needed.  But he thought that one night would be enough, but it's not and he comes back.

And they get to know each other, sharing their stories and who they are and where they've come from, and they find that they just might like each other, a lot!!  

But he has missions that he has to get back to and he leaves.

Unbeknownst to her, there's a very powerful man that has his eyes on Maren and insists on coming for her.  This man wants Maren all for himself and kidnaps her in order to make that happen.

When he finds out that she's been kidnapped, he goes on a rampage.  And doesn't stop.  But he can't find her and he has to turn to others to help him.

You find as you read, that there are several stories at play.  Hancock makes an appearance and actually becomes an ally for Maren, of sorts.  He's undercover in this man's organization and knows that she can't stay long with him.

Hancock gets her out and gives her back to the KGI teams.  You find his story when you read book 10, Darkest Before Dawn.  He's such an interesting character, you see so many sides to him!! Should be interesting to read his story.

But you find out a bit about the other characters that have already had their story.  By this time, Rachel and Ethan have moved forward and are about to have twins.  Happens to be twin boys!! Exciting!

Then we find out that Shea and Nathan are doing.  And how there are several more recruits that've come to join the KGI teams.  Some of which have joined Steele's team.

So you see how everyone is moving forward in their lives.

And then the story is goes back to Maren and Steele.  While they do find her and she seems to be unscathed, she does have news that she worries will be unnerving for Steele.

You see, their first time together, the condom failed and she's pregnant. So while she's been kidnapped, she's been living in fear that this man will kill, poison her, or take advantage of her.  And that's no way to grow a baby.

But when she finally gets back to Steele and tells him everything, he responds better then she thought he would.  And even though a baby changes things completely, they both decide that they love each other.

Okay, I will admit that it's kinda cheesy!  They come to grips with things really fast, almost too fast.  Still makes for a pretty good story though.

But there's still the threat of the guy that first came after her.  According to Hancock, he's obsessed with Maren, thinking that she's his and so is the child.

He threatens her family and then has to make an exchange.  Her parents lives for hers.  But in the exchange, shots are fired and there's an amazing helicopter scene that you sit on the edge of your seat as you read.

During this scene, Hancock is severely wounded.   Should be fun to see how things ended for him when we get to his book, book 10!!

And of course, they end up together and they live happily ever after!  It wouldn't be a good romance if it wasn't.

So this is a great addition to the whole series!  Carries it forward beautifully.  

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