Hidden Away by Maya Banks

Hidden Away by Maya BanksBook 3

Hidden Away is the 3rd book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

This is Garrett's story.  He's the 2nd oldest in the Kelly family and is a part of the ones that are making KGI to happen.

And that includes jobs that they are paid to do.

Their next mission is personal enemy of KGI and mostly of Garrett.  They need to bring in Marcus Lattimer.

And that means getting close to his sister, Sarah.

He accepts the mission to keep track of Sarah Daniels.  She's in hiding as she witnessed her half brother, Marcus kill a man.  She doesn't want to be used to get to Marcus.

But as Garrett gets to know Sarah, he finds that he genuinely likes her.  And he didn't plan on falling for her.

What follows is a little bit different of a romance.  Garrett knows that part of what he is doing is betraying Sarah, but he also knows that he needs to bring in Lattimer.  So there's an internal battle that happens throughout the story within Garrett.

In the end, she does find out what he did and she also finds out what her brother was all about.  And she decides that she is going to settle for the love that she found with Garrett.

Okay, it's a bit cheesy.  But still entertaining.

Yes, there are sexy scenes to deal with.  But not until you get to almost the end of the book.  Then there are several to skip over if needed.

You also get to know how the other characters are doing.  Sophie has a beautiful baby girl, named Charlotte.  And they, the brothers, really stand behind Rusty.  She ends up needing this.

So this book is a great continuation of the whole series.  And while there is no background plot that spans the whole series, you do get hints of what is going to happen in the next book.

And in this case, Nathan was taken captive.  You can check out his emotional story here, book 4.

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