The KGI Series by Maya Banks

The book covers for the KGI Series by Maya Banks

The KGI Series is about family.  A military family, the Kellys.  They have six grown sons that are in some form of military.  All of them are gorgeous, competitive, domineering and good at what they do. 

Maya Banks is a marvelous story teller.  Each story can stand on it's own, but when you read the whole series, you get this huge picture of this large family, that even takes in strays like Rusty, that really are there for each other.  They support each other and really help each other when one is injured or hurting. 

Sam, Donovan, Garrett, Ethan, Joe, and Nathan are each the main character in KGI Series.  Although not in order, each story is about a brother or even another member in the units.

And what do they do?  The KGI Series is about saving lives.  It is about protecting the world from the bad guys while finding that special someone that will complete them and that they will be together with forever.  They take  the jobs that no one else wants to take on.

She has a great website filled with lots of info about the KGI Series and more.   Check it out!!

This series has the characters swearing and friendly crude, as only brothers can be.  Her love scenes are detailed, some more than others.  The scenes are a part of the story line, not the only thing.  

Sam, Garrett, and Donovan have created the KGI (Kelly Group International).  They are an elite group that take on jobs that are top secret, that nobody else wants.  But first, they are a family.  

Now each story can and does stand on its own, but when you read the whole series in order, you find that you understand the full scope of who they are and why they run things the way they do.  

So by the time to get to book 8, After the Storm, you need to know what's going on.  Because when Donovan explains things to Eve, you read parts of everyone's story.  And if you haven't read the previous stories, they won't make much sense.  

So start from the beginning to get the most out of this series.

Book 1, The Darkest Hour, is about Ethan Kelly and his wife Rachel.  He though he lost her only to find out that she's been held captive for a year.  So this is an emotional story that tugs at your heartstrings.

Book 2, No Place to Run, is about Sam Kelly and Sophie Lundgren.  When she runs back into his life, he knows that his life will never be the same!

Book 3, Hidden Away, is about Garrett Kelly and Sarah Daniels and how they helped each other find what was hidden away!

Book 4, Whispers in the Dark, is about Nathan Kelly and Shea Peterson.  This is my favorite and has a paranormal twist to the story.  Shea "heard" Nathan when he was being help captive.  This story is him saving her after she saved him.

Book 5, Echoes at Dawn, is about Rio and Grace Peterson.  Grace is Shea's sister.  This is how Rio rescued her from all those that would exploit her abilities.  This book has a paranormal twist as well.

Book 5.5, Softly at Sunrise, is a novella.  It's more about Rachel and Ethan. They went thru so much, they needed an additional story.

Book 6, Shades of Grey, is about PJ and Cole.  They are members of Steele's team and this story is about when PJ went off the rails after being assaulted and how both PJ and Cole fight to get back to themselves.

Book 7, Forged in Steele, is about Steele and Maren Scofield.  She may be the team's unofficial doctor, but she stole Steele's heart without realizing it!!  She's the one to thaw the "ice man"!

Book 8, After the Storm, is where Donovan Kelly finally gets his story!  When he sees Eve for the first time, he's smitten and must do what he can to help her and her brother and sister.

Book 9, When Day Breaks, is where Swanny gets his story.  This is very much a "beauty and the beast" type of story.  Swanny and the beautiful model Eden.

Book 10, Darkest Before Dawn, you finally hear about Hancock.

Book 11, Brighter than the Sun, is where Joe Kelly finally gets his story.

Book 12, Wherever You Are, is about Skylar Watkins.

There's still Rusty to remember!  She needs her own story!

Softly at Sunrise

Maya Banks' Softly at SunriseBook 5.5 - A Novella

Darkest Before Dawn

Maya Banks' Darkest Before DawnBook 10

Brighter than the Sun

Maya Banks' Brighter Than the SunBook 11

Wherever You Are 

Wherever You Are by Maya BanksBook 12

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